1. What if I pay for unlimited screens?

  2. Unlimited streams only works on your home wifi network.

  3. Family Sharing is meant to be used by people in the same household as per

  4. It really depends on the chipset that is on the USB to ethernet adapter. Most run of the mill adapters you'll find on Amazon/Walmart may have an asix adapter that isn't widely supported.

  5. Thanks. I've actually tried the UE300 and I haven't been able to get it to work. Although, I have noticed, every time I re-connect the ethernet cable (without the adapter) to the TV, it takes hours for the TV to reconnect to my network. I'm wondering, like ethernet, if it takes several minutes, or even hours, for the TV to detect the new USB connection and connect?

  6. Sorry, I added something to my original reply.

  7. Change your icloud password and choose sign out of all devices. You should be able to do this on your phone easily if it is a trusted device. This will force the device listing to refresh.

  8. I feel the same way. The reason I bought eero in the first place was because of the interactions of eero staff in the old subreddit.

  9. I wasn't around for the great meltdown, but I did sit here and read the whole damn thing for several hours yesterday.

  10. The flair made them verified users, which got them around the private restrictions. The early version of the subreddit gone private message had the option to request "verified status".

  11. There's not enough content to make it a primary streaming service. For Apple TV+ it's quality over quantity.

  12. This was posted a long time ago on a newsgroup by J. Michael Straczynski, Babylon 5's creator(great show!) that really strikes resonance with me:

  13. They should be fine in Northern Jersey. I swapped my mom and sister who live in Northern Jersey to my plan (Hackensack and Clifton ) and haven't heard any complaints about calls dropping.

  14. Here's Malcolm Reed's Recipe:

  15. You need to start account recovery:

  16. I’ve read it and it’s says I would need the email to tracks and start the account recovery but I don’t have the email? I only have my iCloud email which I can’t access.

  17. The MLB app for the phone requires Location services to be on so this effectively means it won't work on a phone, but bridge mode will work for devices like a firestick or an apple tv however. For the AppleTV, you should not allow the app to track your location.

  18. I put my eeros in bridge mode and use a router that supports being a VPN client for the whole network.

  19. My wife's friend was having pretty piss poor coverage with Verizon at her residence. Every time they would talk on cellular, inevitably the call would drop.

  20. This is a subreddit for YouTube's Television service offering. There's probably other subreddit's more appropriate for roasting a content creator.

  21. Your mac mini is most likely blocking ports 53, 80, 443. You want to open them on the MacOS firewall.

  22. Vidya Games. Check smoker every hour or so.

  23. Yes, Speaking from experience, it's possible to run pihole on a box that you've setup for routing.

  24. I guess that's what I'm asking. Is the free line ever just "add a line for free" or are they usually associated with having to buy one new line first in order to get a free one.

  25. T-Mobile has done the just add a line for free promotions. It's how I have 3 additional lines on my T-Mobile One plan that started originally with just the wife and I on the plan.

  26. We've had success using SquareTrade before. They've repaired a few small appliances for us under their coverage when the manufacturer's warranty had expired.

  27. You’ve been great. Do you think I’d see any slow-down with online console gaming?

  28. Probably not. We're only talking about 2-3ms added, whether that's enough to affect your experience, I can't say.

  29. If I bought 2 MoCA adapters, going by my rudiments map, which ones would you place the moca adapters on?

  30. If you're only buying 2, one should be placed at the gateway eero (#1). The other, I would place in the master bedroom (#3) as that should have tangible benefits to the #4 eero in the laundry room.

  31. I'm not sure what you mean.


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