1. Mizuki I can see do it very much so

  2. Thank you for that. Cute, lol. Kinda takes me back around 5 years I think with the type of edit

  3. This is my first time touching a video editor so please excuse if everything's all over the place (the sub timing especially) :'>

  4. Man, i wish someone translate the radio shows since we have 50+ now I think?

  5. I may be wrong, pls someone correct me if I'm, but I think if it's on one of the team versus team events, your team will score lower if someone leaves, not really sure tho

  6. Yeah, I know it’s bad in cheerful show because they don’t change the score, but I was wondering for normal coop because if someone leaves the score is adjusted for the number of remaining players

  7. When I watched the live there was no one spamming the stamp, kinda sad NGL, I was expecting the usual +10 people spamming the stamp.

  8. Just because Mizukis gender is unknown doesn’t mean you can just use any pronouns you like.

  9. I think it’s just generally wrong considering 99% of the time people assign Mizukis pronouns based on stereotypes. Also it’s the fact everyone chooses Mizuki and changes their pronouns but no one else. Which at first you may say “But other characters have confirmed genders so it wouldn’t make sense!” But the thing is gender doesn’t equal pronouns, but if i used he/him on Minori people would go wild on me but for some reason it’s acceptable with Mizuki. And this isn’t just a thing against peoples head cannons. I view Mizuki as a trans girl or a demigirl, you’re allowed to have head cannons just don’t let those headcannons effect how you talk about ACTUAL cannon. Plus i’ve seen so many people on reddit head cannon Mizuki as a demiboy or trans boy which i find so genuinely disgusting considering Mizuki is obviously supposed to be amab and their trauma surrounding their gender is literally not wanting to be the gender they were assigned at birth, which is very obviously male based on the story events. I just find it gross how people pick the single trans character in the story to be the one to decide the gender of when THE WHOLE POINT IS NO ONE CAN DECIDE ON WHAT MIZUKIS GENDER, ONLY MIZUKI CAN DO THAT, BECAUSE ITS THEIR GENDER.


  11. Sometimes it's due to the history of the language and the terms.

  12. Thank you very much for answering!!! The wiki article is also very interesting!!!

  13. It's happening the same whit me, you have to close the game and open up again and it'll usually work again.

  14. the shop is still broken. i cant use it at all. it is a consistent issue. they are notoriously slow at fixing bugs so id rather know if uninstalling and reinstalling works or something, id rather not have to wait 9 months and miss every single monthly pass

  15. Oh, I see, I apologize, in that case I do not know, I hope you find a solution soon

  16. No, not really. Remember boost energy has a x5 multiplier, and so on (it reduces a bit as it goes on)

  17. Noodles never gonna give you up, noodles never gonna let you down, noodles never gonna run around and desert you...

  18. Oh the "Which group has the best commissioned songs?" And best cover songs questions, it doesn't make sense to have "All of them" and "None of them", because, for something to be better it need to be better than something else, of you say all, there's no something else, same goes for the negative answer.

  19. The Mizuks card, I don't have that many Mizooker cards, so, aways nice to get some more.

  20. As I said in my previous comment on the other post (that you probably didn't see because I deleted because I realized I was being an ass), I think this is a very important discussion to have, so I'm very glad you did rewrite it!

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