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  1. As of this market now I’d say no. I would enjoy another listing, but I know it would not change the current price and the same thing would keep being said. If it was to get listed now, people would look at the price, and say “well oh we haven’t moved we need another, and another. It’s a continuous cycle.

  2. Man I’d like to own one of these someday and at the rate y’all are wrecking them, there’s not gonna be any left lmao. Jokes aside I’m glad you’re ok.

  3. Took me 2 months got one on caravan 27kmiles for 21k basically brand new.

  4. The great escape. “Make a run for it Timmy,I’ll distract him”

  5. Can’t go any lower. So why not buy?

  6. They won’t drop you off back home though. At least in my facility, my coworker was picked up in the morning and after shit the sup said she’s to busy and can’t drop her back off, so she had to go ask around for a ride home.

  7. Also, do you have any idea why I bought it on Coinbase wallet originally and now I can’t. Who made that decision? CBW or Devs?

  8. I questioned it and it was stated due to the low amount of transactions and volume it was taken down

  9. 22% is a drop in the bucket atm especially since the coin is so volatile rn. Also the fact I’m down rn but eh still very optimistic 👍.

  10. Do not turn on light you will be absolutely swarmed at night.

  11. Welp I can no longer buy the dip, coinbasewallet does not accept rbif transfers

  12. This week alone we gained 79 holders compared to a 20ish weekly holder rate back a few months ago. We are increasing, looking at it on a micro scale make it seem small. But looking at on a macro scale we are steadily increasing week by week. This coin was never stated to be fast money it’s only been 6 months let it take its course and the time it needs.

  13. I understand it’s art but this is oddly disturbing

  14. Not sure but i only spent 20 bucks last night

  15. Coinbase placed my money on a complete hold till Monday 🤦‍♂️. Been waiting since the 20th of last month to transfer to buy.

  16. What will burn the coin after reflections are gone? Beyond the 2% automated burn

  17. That’s nothing bad my first time buying I payed close to 200$ in fees alone. Would’ve loved to have that price

  18. yes it started last night and has been pumping since. makes me anxious though, because obviously someone will take profits.

  19. That’s good the amount of reflections we are getting before the listing is great. FREE MONEY 😁

  20. The amount of burn to see those prices would be a lot seeing we have over 59q tokens in circulation I could see maybe 2 possibly 3 zeroes dropping unless a major burn was to happen. Like when vitalik burned most of shiba supply. Hopefully nasa does that👏 (hopium).

  21. Why would we do such a thing crypto was created to be decentralized asset why would an individual not be able to do what they want with their money. The purpose of crypto was so big banks don’t have power or control over your personal funds and create you own value with it. This does this exact opposite and deters big purchases, I would not put millions of dollars into an assets I can’t take profit from no large whale would. Would you if you were a whale. Look at things from the opposite perspective cause personally if I had millions of dollars to spend on an asset I would not be placing it into that not know I can freely handle my money.

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