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  1. Look into some of the JRPG’s that released in the 90’s early 2000’s on your gaming setup of choice. The PlayStation and SNES were where I personally went to for JRPG’s.

  2. Chrono Trigger, BoF series, Super Mario RPG, Earthbound and Final Fantasy iii (aka 6), 7, 8, 9… much childhood nostalgia. The absolute best time for RPG titles IMO, probably biased though

  3. Dang! But you got the best parts. The pose is ok

  4. Yeah I’m not overly worried about it. Just wanted to see if it was only me having that issue. Of the things that I’ve been aggravated by in this game sometimes, this one ranks pretty low.

  5. No it had to be a Zigzagoon. I had the paid research today and one task left over which produced a Zigzagoon and I managed to find a wild normal Zigzagoon which also counted, but didn’t get the last one before time ran out. Finished the day at 99/100 due to no Linoone raids spawning Zigzagoons.

  6. I was at Camp Muir earlier this week. My summit was postponed after my partner bailed. One team turned back (I think they said around Ingraham Flats) as their buddy got "violently ill" and began hallucinating. It absolutely hits people differently so be watchful of your teammates for strange behavior. Have fun!!!

  7. This is my biggest fear. We did a trip to Colorado earlier this year to get some altitude in (we live on the east coast so no hikes with altitude here). Definately starting feeling it around 12,000 but I was mostly ok, just a little hard to catch my breath. But we took the drive up to pikes at 14,000 and I couldn’t walk around I had such tunnel vision and felt like I was going to pass out. My biggest fear is that happening on the summit or the approach. Hoping the two day base camp helps acclimate.

  8. As a 90s kid, for the last 8 years, i can barely enjoy any single player games anymore. Even if it's a top hit must play game. Then we get remake, haven't been into a game this hard for a long time. It gave me the same joy in a game like I was kid again.

  9. Same, mostly just don’t play games anymore at my age. So much else going on in my life and most games I lose interest in really quick these days. No hate towards the games and I’m sure some are good, it’s just hard to capture my attention for long periods. But for the fact that this game has been hinted at since like 2007, it’s been on my must play for over a decade. I remember working at Best Buy in 2007 and seeing the signage come out with a release date for the remake in 2007 for the 10 year anniversary. That was a Gatcha moment but it only took another decade for it to come out.

  10. Recommend Amtrak alllll the way. Way more comfortable than flying. And when you factor in arrival, check in, boarding, flight, and disembarking, baggage claim…….it honestly inst that much quicker. I’ve taken the train many times up that way and can’t recommend it enough. Gives me time to work or catch up on other things. Rent a car when you get there if you need it for a day or two.

  11. If Milwaukee can have a statue of The Fonz, Albuquerque can have statues of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.

  12. I always found it weird that one of Philly’s most popular tourist attractions was of a bronze statue depicting the fictional character (Rocky) outside the art museum.

  13. Agreed, I’ve played the OG at least 30 times and somehow did not catch all of the info you described but it makes so much sense when you lay it out like that.

  14. Honestly I’d rather them keep the 16 million and instead learn to manage the money better. $40 a year isn’t going to help me at all neither is $20 for a middle class person making $50k. But $16million could fund some sort of useful program if they could figure out how to manage the city budget.

  15. I mean, most open world games don't include a whole planet. More like a certain country or at least a certain continent.

  16. But exploring some of those empty areas in the OG was how you found a lot of things. For instance, having to breed the gold Chocobo to access the island cave for KotR. Or having to go to certain forest areas to track down enemies that carried specific stealable items or enemy skills. I can see what your saying about an open world just being too big like with FF15, but I just think that was not well planned.

  17. I have never played GTA, but (correct me if I'm wrong), I believe that game happens in one big city, right? It can't be compared to a whole planet.

  18. It is one big city but a very expansive map. The city itself incorporates different areas of interest like the main city downtown are, suburbs, dessert land, industrial neighborhood. Each kind of has its own life and feel but they all feel interconnected also. I guess a better analogy would be an open world more along the lines of Skyrim where you have multiple cities across a single continent. Like you said though, there are several continents with FF7. Maybe if they made several separate open areas for the different continents as you suggested, each on the scale of Skyrim. That would still allow for exploring each individual area and hiding content within per my original response. Fast traveling between the different continents. That would still make the game feel big in my mind without having it all interconnected on me map.

  19. Really miss the 90s when there were full installments about every 1.5 years

  20. I remember still playing FF8 when FF9 was getting released a little over a year later. Now I gotta wait half a decade sometimes more, just to finish up a single storyline. Don’t get me wrong I love the quality and story improvements but it takes so much patience now.

  21. The end of Remake made it seem like Aerith had full knowledge of the original and is trying for a better outcome here, maybe something beyond her just surviving... but I imagine it'll go wrong, and Rebirth ends with us on a worse track than this point in the original.

  22. There’s no way they kill off Cloud. That would leave him almost entirely out of the third installment with the exception of flashbacks. I just can’t see them ending the story without him.

  23. The lights come on for a sec and you can see my hazards notifications but the key doesn’t click. Car doesn’t turn on at all. I know my bf was just trying to be helpful (he paid for everything) but I think he made it a lot worse not that it was his total fault but this is why I told him that I didn’t want him to work on it because this was my biggest fear so now I’m without a car.

  24. Take it to a “reputable” shop near you if you can have someone help move it. They should be able to do a diagnostic to at least identify the problem. Tell them everything that you just explained here and that should give them some idea of where to start. A good shop will do diagnostic for free if it’s something g they can identify on visual inspection. If you do end up getting it fixed at a shop, under no circumstances do you let them work on your car without getting an estimate for work in writing first. Good luck!!

  25. Also one more thing, if your not sure about the reputation of the shop, and they are working on your vehicle and ask you if they can install something else or need to add something that came up, make sure they add it to the written estimate. I’ve come across predatory shops that will just say “oh it’s no big deal we just need to add xyz part to fix the underlying issue, it’ll be like $20”. Make sure you get that in writing, it’s the only way to protect yourself from being taken advantage of. I had this happen once at a big chain store, that “$20” fix came out to $1800, and there was no way for me to prove you said it was going to cost $20. Most shops are not this shady, but better safe than sorry.

  26. I just heard this one recently ... what do you call a stock down 90%: a stock that was down 80% then got cut in half :)

  27. Exactly. I think people forget that just because a stock is down 80%-90% doesn’t mean you can’t lose your ass still. Another 5% move downwards from ATH is a much bigger loss if you bought in when it was down 80% already.

  28. Ayeeeee, fellow Floridian, born and raised Tampa area. Looking to move to Seattle at some point, love it out that way. Florida has just become so boring and hot.

  29. The title is wrong. The title is referring to 2008 when the government couldn’t bail out Lynch(the massive company that went under).

  30. It was Lehman Brothers not Merrill Lynch. Merrill was bought and propped up by BOA

  31. Bloomberg still saying it'll be 50 as of 5 mins ago, I guess they're right, suddenly switching up to 75 points could scare some.

  32. Yeah Powell has been one thing, and that is consistent. Whether he’s been right or wrong he has pretty much done everything he’s said. So I do t expect him to come out guns blazing with a 75 point increase. That doesn’t mean we won’t see it the following month. Once again his future guidance is going to be the thing to watch

  33. Diablo 3. Even though they don’t have a sequel yet it’s still a decade old

  34. This… not to say Monday isn’t that capitulation 7% down day and Vix 40+ but I think that will come later in year of bad earnings. But a rally is expected. Always, always buy puts when there is an up day or an 3-4 days it protects you… and 60 days out to be safe.

  35. Calendar spreads have been my bread and butter in this down market.

  36. This sounds like a bad idea, especially if you're going alone. If you have had bad experiences at altitude before, don't add snow and ice to the mix just to get some crampon usage. If you want to test altitude exposure, do it when the weather is good and the rescue will be quick. If you want to walk around in crampons, do it somewhere that doesn't have an added risk.

  37. Thanks for the response. Won’t be going alone and also I’m not dead set on “summitting”. Really more so going to do some scrambling while wearing crampons since I’m new to winter mountaineering. I wouldn’t consider myself a novice necessarily as I’ve been hiking, scrambling, backpacking for the better part of 10-15 years. But winter gear is definitely new to me and I want to get some practice in. I only plan to really hike in as far as we feel comfortable. We’re taking a trip to RM NP in late April, perhaps someone has better recommendations for trails in the area to achieve this.

  38. Grays and Torreys is probably a little more reasonable. Never been to Evans or Bierstadt in winter, but those are generally moderate.

  39. Thanks for the recommendations, I might actually look into these two. Seems a bit more straightforward of an ascent.

  40. Same! Also from Philly, live right next to the Ave, so double weird post haha

  41. I very much did but I don’t think it’s sarcasm in the way you’re implying. It’s clearly insinuating that CNN is a click bait media outlet.

  42. To be fair, I dont agree with what they said but CNN can be a very “click bait” or overly exaggerated type media outlet. The quality of their news has diminished over the years.

  43. I would strongly advise against purchasing those options at least until you have further clarity on what you’re doing. There’s some good advise here on this post that should help clarify the procedure so I won’t delve into it.

  44. Seems like you already own shares, you want to sell calls not puts.

  45. Came to say this. The way the post is written you say sell puts and risking losing the shares, which implies you mean selling calls. Selling puts means your risking having to BUY more shares if the trade fails, not losing your current shares. If your selling puts, it has no bearing on whether you currently have any position on the underlying stock.

  46. a 10% pullback on the world's strongest index and people are freaking out. come on people, think long term, not weekly and recognize this opportunity for what it is

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