1. What the actual fuck. I am so sorry you had to go through this!! You sound incredibly patient. I hope you find an amazing nanny!

  2. Are you staying at their house all day and overnight due to owner request. Or do you WFH and that would be your decision?

  3. Ok that’s what I was thinking. I checked around the ESA registration sites and couldn’t find a good answer about bringing the dog out in public, so your comment helps. Do you know how I’d go about the other route to make her a service dog that could accompany me places?

  4. You’d have to hire a trainer but there’s a good chance it won’t work out. Service dogs are trained for up to (and sometimes over a year) and that’s if the dog is a good fit for training.

  5. Why do people keep saying that? There are real ones out there even if there’s a lot of scams. But saying they are all scams leaves out the good ones and passes along false information. Telehealth is allowed as legitimate and an example of Telehealth is a phone or video call made by a licensed professional in your state that can provide medication (doesn’t have to be mental health) because that phone or video call is recognized as an established relationship. In California, they require more calls but still can do it online

  6. Yeah, it’s an online dr. Appointment 😂. You have to have a licensed professional do it.

  7. 12g doesn’t wrap her pads up..there’s just used pads opened in the bathroom garbage.

  8. I managed to eat an entire pop tart without 5m knowing. Never happened and probably will never happen again, I enjoyed it. 😂

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