1. I was just looking at the numbers reported on the CDC's website and it's showing an uptick in the positivity rate. Over the past month their weekly reporting has been showing the positivity rate falling from 24 to 23, then 22 and most recently to 21%.

  2. HIV mutated to be more virulent not long ago in the Netherlands...

  3. UH OH the other silver bullet's looking tarnished

  4. I thought about the TX case too. When it got reported, it wasn't for certain that the cause of death was monkeypox ("patient who had monkeypox dies" is not the same as "patient dies from monkeypox"). See e.g.

  5. So we're doing the "with vs from" disinformation bit again with monkeypox that we did with COVID?

  6. And when they're locked down and not making your precious consumer goods

  7. Have you noticed things are already coming slower in the mail? Packages you've ordered online from retailers?

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