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  1. The easiest way to find out would be to ask him. I know verbal communication sounds old school, but it’s still quite effective.

  2. Lmfao this is the most direct but subtly sarcastic comment I've ever seen

  3. "I hope we can be mature...". Pure manipulation right there. This isn't about apologizing, but positioning.

  4. There was zero apology in there. I kept trying to reread and see and it didn't exist

  5. I'm a teacher and I can tell you that the teacher is both not okay yet should be held responsible because this isn't okay. They need to be given counseling.

  6. Special Ed teacher here. We have several students at my school with Rhett’s syndrome which has an average life expectancy of 20 (meaning many don’t make it that far). We give these kids the most amazing time while they’re with us. They participate in daily school life, attends carnivals, camps, excursions, the lot. And we love them dearly but sadly, yes, some will likely pass away even before finishing school. We see our job as to give them wonderful friends and experiences while here with us. We also have social stories ready to tell the other students when someone passes away so that all teachers are telling the same story about what happened.

  7. I know one of them is Loeys-Dietz Syndrome, but he also has spina bifida and a fed other things.

  8. Blame the retirement system for trying to milk every last year of teaching out of people or else cut their retirement income in half. At least, that's how my state works.

  9. Naw I'm gonna blame the teacher for not regulating their emotions like an adult

  10. I mean I'm not directly hired by the district, nor am I about to start a war with teachers so early into my career. If I were to call this woman out in front of her students I would absolutely be called out by administration for not following whatever the procedure.

  11. How did that teacher not hurl something at her head?

  12. Bro if one of my students does this shit while I'm trying to teach I'm going to push the harshest punishment

  13. My GF has Depression and its been a lot worse lately. I can count the number of times I've had sex with her on one hand for the year. You're fine.

  14. I don’t because of people like you. Also you do realize that you could get Long Covid, right?

  15. Haha sky news. Naw bro I did what I was suppose to do. I got 3 shots, stayed inside for months and wore my mask everywhere for two years. I live in a notoriously liberal area. The minute they told us to take the masks off, everyone got it. None of it mattered. Now goofballs like you who are afraid to go outside are blaming people like me for it. I did what I was supposed to do, I followed the rules and it still happened to me. None of it matters. Stop trying to dictate other people's lives and making other people feel bad that you don't feel comfortable going out in public, that ain't my fault.

  16. I saw both of these posts and I can't tell if they're fake stories or this chick has pick me vibes like crazy

  17. Let me tell you something. As someone who almost exclusively sticks it into crazy in his 20s, when it turns out bad, its real bad. There is no good. But there is great. So it's either real bad or really fuckin great. Whether or not you think the risk is worth it is entirely up to you, but what I can say is if you take the right precautions, it almost always pays off.

  18. That's too far I'm on longisland and will be in p.a. next week figured perfect time to add new family members.

  19. I'll talk to my GF. She was living in Queens when she got hers and I think this was one she told me to stay away from.

  20. Do you expect every single account to have their nationality identifying who they are and where they're from?

  21. Mf was like "I've never met a ukranian so they must not exist." Like I've never seen a bear when I used to go camping that must mean they aren't real.

  22. I came to say the same thing. Surprised you’re being downvoted.

  23. They also don't tell you how much the rates are you have to just memorize the district rates. I work at a $24 an hour rate in a rich district because I lucked out. But over the summer the district in my town I planned to walk to work to do extended school year paid the equivalent of $11.10 an hour which is $1.90 below minimum wage.

  24. The four star dragon ball belong to grandpa Gohan the guy who raised Goku. The guy who Gohan, his son, is named after. The reason he has it on his hat is cuz Goku gave it to his son to remember his grandpa, the guy who raised him

  25. I came here to say this. It's literally a family heirloom to Goku, he said "my grandpa's ball" for the ENTIRETY of Dragon Ball talking about the 4 star ball.

  26. Yeah this was a response to the topic of Non-consensual drugging. You're being an asshole for the sake of it because you're assuming I'm comparing myself to a child. I wasn't. You are. By the way, the stranger aspect of the story was a recent thing, in the context of having my friends do this to me a decade ago, and then having that experience again a month ago I panicked.

  27. Most people understand to not take things from people they don't know like that. Things being what, exactly? Anonymous food? Anonymous drugs? How come this repeatedly happens to you? How many times did you get exposed to hard drugs because you take random things?

  28. For anyone reading this, I decided to spend my work break reading this guy's other posts to see if this is a one off or not. There are a lot of weird hills this guy has tried to die on. All of then are really unpleasant. I'm convinced that this is either a rage bot or a guy who has a lot of angst with their home life and decided to attack strangers on reddit because "that's how the internet works, if you don't like it that's on you bud." LOL fuck you dawg.

  29. Imagine dying and there actually is some afterlife which you see some tiktoker doing this to your corpse

  30. I hate to be the skeptic all the time but I find it difficult to believe a girl would just dump a guy after 5 years instead of helping him find a solution. This is either fake you and your girlfriend don't know how to fucking communicate

  31. I guarantee everyone on that sub doesn't jerk off before they go on a date. Post nut clarity exists and the minute you nut you'll no longer act that way or believe that shit.

  32. I know I'm focusing on only one part of this story but if i can give any advice to you, do not sacrifice anything for any person ever. I did this twice and regretted it.

  33. I set a boundary once. She leaped over it. I confronted her about it. After that I suddenly "replaced the voice in her head that made her want to kill herself." It went from being her boyfriend who supposedly raped and beat her to being me who got mad when she faked a pregnancy. Fuck outta here BPD mfs

  34. I had a girlfriend die in 2015. My last girlfriend told me that she didn't like being around my late girlfriends friends because it made her feel bad since the person i was in love with was dead. made it about her. My current girlfriend suggests I go see her grave once and a while. If my current girlfriend deleted any pictures I have of us or threw out anything of hers that I kept, there would be no coming back from that. That's the worst type of narcissistic bullshit I've ever heard. I hope he learned his lesson.

  35. As a Brandon, I feel kind of annoyed. There's this large group of people who cheer me on, but I have no idea why. We have totally different political beliefs, morals, etc. *Le Sigh*

  36. Bro I get more people asking me if it annoys me than I do actually being annoyed by it. I'm always like yeah where are we going?

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