1. I checked that as well as Amazon and eBay, but it seems that everything is a variation of the same "waterfall" project as in my photograph. I was hoping to find something a bit more challenging and useful.

  2. I believe I have seen some DIY drone kits that you might enjoy. If I find them again I will drop in a link.

  3. I have been fighting a war against stupidity since the late 70's.

  4. It has become apparent that the enemy is inserting infiltrators as well, that was supposed to read "late 60's," not "late 70's."

  5. I have a window AC unit that also has a heater setting. Here in Florida we don't need much heating. If it gets into the 40's we also have a small space heater.

  6. Survive! December always has the big end of year push to get as much product out the door as possible before new years. I am the only rework tech at my companies location, so I am supposed to fix every board that fails.

  7. I do love the series, but it is definitely fantasy and not sci fi.

  8. I don't know that I have seen any with a gay male in Sci-fi. There is one in a Fantasy series, but not many main-stream authors have that I know of.

  9. The War God series by David Weber is a fast paced fantasy series.

  10. Weber also wrote the Empire of Man Sci Fi series. Not really quick reads, but I love how fast the story moves.

  11. I like a hefeweizen. And as africpepperbird said, Rye bread with onion and a spicy mustard.

  12. Ooh that's a good idea, I could actually do this, I have home made grape jelly I'd made from concords at the place I'm renting! I had used lemon as the pectin and the lemon flavor comes through pretty strongly (it was only my second time making jam, but I see why the recipe only recommended half a lemon lol), but I think that'd actually work in the favor of a sweet and sour sauce!

  13. If you grew grapes, then I am fairly sure you don't live near me, which makes me sad that I can't ask for a taste. lol

  14. You'd be surprised how hardy varieties are! Haha, the plant I got my grapes off the previous tenant had planted years ago and it's a happy plant, and then this summer I also planted a wine varietal which is.....almost entirely buried under a foot of snow, hehe. Growin' zone 3A / 3B basically in Manitoba, you might be able to grow a variety where you are too!

  15. I am in Florida. They can grow grapes here, but they don't seem to do that good. Maybe too much sun? I had really good luck growing them in Oklahoma and Illinois, though.

  16. I really hope you aren’t serious

  17. lol, no. But I can tell you that I am not planning to get any closer.

  18. I know exactly where I would like to eat next time we go out for dinner.

  19. Literally pick any restaurant. What ever you think of, go with it.

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