1. If it already bugs you, you probably won't like it going forward either. The writing is not great.

  2. I've had a couple of the cheaper meat slicers, and they work okay, but you are going to have to figure some way to get it bolted down properly. None of the ones I've had will sit still on their "anti-skid pads." A slippery, bouncy meat slicer is not a fun toy to be playing around with.

  3. Like others said, you need some liquid. Then you should shape them and stick them in the fridge for like 15 or 20 minutes before trying to fry them.

  4. Pretty sure this is the default on all the new credit card readers, and they just don't bother to turn it off. Everywhere is like that now.

  5. I brown stuff in a skillet and build the sauce in a dutch oven. I cook the meats first, and transfer to the DO, then put in the aromatics to sweat (onions and whatnot) in the skillet using the fat from the meats. It needs fat anyway, why not use what's already there?

  6. If you're talking like cookie sheets, get sheet pans (1/4 sheet pans more specifically). They last forever and you can buy parchment paper already cut to fit them, and also can get wire racks specifically sized to them as well. They have heavy rolled edges so the pans don't warp (unless you cook at really high heat). And they are pretty cheap.

  7. I do have both, but the 1/4 ones do go in my Cuisinart air fryer/toaster oven, so they are slightly more handy. The 1/2 ones are for large batches of cookies and roasting stuff, so pretty handy as well.

  8. Are you buying a fresh turkey to start with? Because thawing it until you can cut it and then refreezing the other half probably won't be great.

  9. If whatever powers that be in the new structure actually leave him to it without sticking their necks in it, sure. Having a couple guys in charge to steer the boat is going to be way better than the "throw some shit at the wall and see what sticks" way they've been doing it.

  10. Jumping in the Way Back Machine, 5's first episode was really annoying to me, and kinda soured me on 5's whole run. There were some interesting bits, but he just got on my nerves throughout.

  11. I've done it, but it's even better with those chocolate covered "deluxe grahams" by Nabisco. That's my sweet spot.

  12. If you have the right amount of water and keep an eye on it, it comes out fine. I stir it every once in a while during cooking. Just don't cook too long.

  13. I had some cheapo stainless steel pans for a while, and then I moved over to some Cuisinart,

  14. I use my immersion blender for stuff like chili and pasta sauces, because other eaters here don't like "big chunks" of meat and whatnot. It's a quick zip zip with the immersion blender that would otherwise have me burning the crap out of myself trying to get it into a normal blender or working really hard to break up ground meat manually with a spoon or something. It's especially handy when italian sausage is in the mix, because that's really hard to break up normally.

  15. "Quantum Entanglement!!! " Dropping the waiting room could theoretically up the ante for the leap segments, because there were several episodes where they had to get info from the leapee in the waiting room to figure out what was going on. Of course, the leap segments don't feel like they get much development in the new show anyway, so that's probably not helpful.

  16. Are you using a meat thermometer? The original Good Eats turkey recipe works damn fine for me and seems moist, with or without the brining.

  17. I like several different recipes, but this is the meatloaf that everyone else in the family always wants:

  18. I called Skyline Corporate a few years back and suggested they sell boxes of individual pouches of crackers, like the kind you get with a take out order with a five way, for example. That would keep the crackers fresh until you need another box full of bags of Oyster Crackers. Sadly, all I got was lip service. Now when I go through the drive thru, I ask the kid at the window to give me as many bags as they can, without getting fired. I use a couple bags and keep the rest for clam chowder, tomato soup, etc.

  19. You could go in and ask the manager if you can buy a box of the crackers, maybe... Some restaurants I worked at would sell stuff like that if you asked them.

  20. I just assumed they never actually knew how it worked, and were just guessing. I feel like a couple times, they had the attitude "well, if you die, at least you'll leap" but other times dead meant dead. And there was a whole thing in the finale episode that I won't mention since you don't seem to be there yet.

  21. yeah i never binged it all the way through before, i watched whatever rerun was on cable at the time

  22. granny smiths are the best apple for caramel apples

  23. I was going to come say this. I don't even normally like caramel apples, but a granny smith caramel apple is an auto-get for me...

  24. Nah. Dove was already a villain. I don't want to see her in the MCU after what she did to yoyo. Lol

  25. Why is everything a red flag in this subreddit? Lmfao he's pushy and shouldn't be but I wouldn't call this a "HUGE red flag".

  26. NTA. But I mean, it could be a red flag... though it could just be that he's dead set on being "fully accepting" and probably thinks he's being sweet. Maybe if OP just says she understands he's trying to be sweet, but it would be sweeter to let it go until she's ready, maybe he'd get it. If it were a romance movie, what he's doing is what the lead would be doing, and it'd be portrayed as him just whittling down her defenses. Some folks don't get that romance movie behavior doesn't translate to real world, where similar actions would be stalker-like, creepy, pushy, and unwanted by most.

  27. NTA. I was raised Southern Baptist and dropped it like a hot potato once I could, but I'm not one of those kooky "anti-religion is my new religion!" sorts. With my kids, I didn't push them one way or the other, as I wanted them to form their own opinion when they wanted to. I had no problem with Veggie Tales, even with the religious leaning stories. What the kids actually liked about them was the Silly Songs anyway.

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