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  1. I loved smart dogs when I first went vegan but I tried one like a year ago and immediately spit it out lol I miss the Tofurky ones :(

  2. Awwh she’s so cute lol her angel face is like “sooo can we just forget about me trying to lariat your head off?”

  3. I feel like her coming in is doing more harm than good, especially after that promo.

  4. That show is literally a masterpiece of writing, its such a rollercoaster of emotion its just beautiful

  5. Is it one of those shows that gets better a few episodes in? I tried watching it a few years ago but didn’t make it through the first episode.

  6. I’m very curious as to why he chose that route of all the possible ways to go out.

  7. Seriously, that’s gonna hurt like hell until your last breath. If you’re gonna take yourself out you want something quick and sudden like slitting your throat or swallowing a bunch of pills when you’re already blackout drunk.

  8. Slitting your throat isn't quick. You still have to bleed to death or essentially suffocate because of the hole in your neck.

  9. We're missing out so many golden moments because nobody is translating the Marugoto Stardom shows. I watch them despite having zero knowledge of Japanese and I still find a way to be entertained. I can only imagine how it'd be if I had an idea of what they're saying.

  10. If you watch on YouTube with auto translate you can usually get a sense of what they’re saying. You can also run the YouTube transcript through DeepL.

  11. I remember this. She was afraid of a bug being the in the box and was the only one who did not put their hand inside to touch what was in it.

  12. So that’s why she chose to collect grandmas instead of bugs that one summer.

  13. Lol aww do you know if there’s a clip of that floating around?

  14. When I was in college I once received a selfie from my then girlfriend where she was laughing and doing a peace sign while hanging out with a friend. What she didn’t realize, until I pointed it out, was that her friend was in the middle of doing a huge line of coke behind her when she snapped it. She had no idea he was in the shot. I wish I still had the photo but either way we had a good laugh.

  15. If you look close you can faintly see the shape of them and that they’re darker than the rest of her skin. It’s more visible on the left side.

  16. She won but… who the fuck fights in a hoodie? That seems so restrictive.

  17. How do you fake a video like this and make it so smooth and I imagine it's old also right is a program like after effects or something like that good back in the day

  18. I mean she did flash a car she was just wearing a bra. All you’d have to do is mask that small area and replace it with something else. I doubt it was easy but it doesn’t surprise me that someone was able to do it.

  19. Maika is very beautiful and I’m in love with that lingerie she’s wearing! The lace looks so pretty.

  20. The way he claimed to be trolling people makes me 100% believe he was huffing, I wasn't so sure before that. And why is he huffing paint? He could probably have any drug he wants delivered to him in an hour.

  21. I’m not sure what black metal band’s demo this is but I bet it fucks.

  22. Awwh Yu looks so handsome! It’s nice to see that his transition is seemingly going well.

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