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  1. My ex dumped me and was at one the other night. I forgot it was Saturday and tried to call him when I was in an actual bad spot mentally. He didnt actually care and even put some girl on the phone. I feel humiliated in general especially after what happened the other week earlier to me.

  2. I'm with you on being sick of people saying it gets better. I know its a bit thing with mindset but some really dont understand even when trying your hardest sometimes its not getting better..

  3. I mean I would understand if I havent seen it? 😅😂

  4. It got greener somehow oddly enough (the other better photos its actually green lmao) 😂

  5. I love that one pea pod swimming through the curry like a shark 🤣

  6. Hehe I there was two more in my bowl 🥹😂

  7. To answer your question.... yes I ate this in a white bathing suit on a white couch cause I am still a real piece of shit. Slicked back hair, sloppy steaks, no regrets.

  8. Can vouch city of churches & best buds lol 💒

  9. LMFAO ive smoked some full purple bud an its been the worse ive had

  10. being purple doesnt indicate if its good or bad 😋 its just pretty

  11. yep cold weather/frost bite can be the reason too. 🥹 i had someone i use to know growing and it happened to his hydro during the wet weather. he didnt have enough airflow and they aso got mold. 😭

  12. Those don’t look like cubes imo judging by the stems

  13. I did not say they were cubensis? These are psilocybe subaeruginosa like I said in the title 😅

  14. Oh lol my bad I didn’t read it I j saw they looked a little suspect

  15. They are all good, they didnt bruise much but subs dont always bruise much 💖

  16. Idk i was hoping u were high so i could trip u out lmfao use a flash next time tho 😂

  17. Me? Trip out on weed? My tolerance too high for that 😎

  18. Even if it doesn’t it’s still a cute pic ☺️

  19. thank you 🥲💖 hope it does count though aha. i just call it self photography 😅

  20. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Only reason you're in this fuckin sub is because of me and to try lure me anyway. I just genuinely said it was funny and commented in the most polite and non offensive way.

  21. You literally unblocked this account and had it unblocked. I commented here first bc my phone notified me. You replied to it when you didnt need to have contact or have me unblocked. Arrogant much? Get your head out your dick & ass.

  22. 2ez block you on everything again. Wasn't even aware you were unblocked 😂

  23. hurry up then bitch boy stop trying to call me a obsessive stalker when youre the one who unblocked me and replied to my comment.

  24. I have to deal with idiots calling me anorexic and then on the other side I have people like you doubting that I ever even lost my weight. Piss off with it. 👌

  25. This is amazing! Can you share more on how you did it, how you stayed consistent, etc? I'd love to know!

  26. I stayed consistent for the time I was losing weight, which was pretty much just lower my intake/intermittent fasting. I eat whatever I want now but I just never put the weight back on. I do eat less in general than I used to, bec my stomach shrank ofc.

  27. I am 5'2, I did indeed weigh 100kgs. I also have photos of me weighting in at 43kgs back when I was literally too skinny that I looked sick even though my body was healthy. You can sit the fuck down and shut up because I have thousands of followers and plenty of friends and family who were there through it watching the weight drop. Just not on this platform. 🤙🏻

  28. what is the diff between a ball vs chub pls tell me lol 😅

  29. I lost the weight a few years ago thats why if you mention that I posted it in the past? still allowed to be proud of where im currently at, its hard to tighten up lose skin without surgery literally 🤷🏼‍♀️💖

  30. its always different depending on everyones individual circumstances but if the elasticity is gone & you are too old then the only way to actually fix it is surgery. there are other things people try instead like laser skin tightening.

  31. good job! have you had any issues with your skin? (feel free not to answer) 💖

  32. i hope youre happy with your progress so far! you look stunning in that dress 💘✨

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