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  1. I ordered mine as soon as ordering opened but thank you for sharing! Old Friends is such an amazing organization. Somehow, I found out I can have a portion of what I spend at Kroger donated to them as well through my Kroger card but I have no clue how I set that up. But there’s a way you can do it and every shopping trip I see how much of each trip is being donated to Old Friends at the bottom of my receipt. I also use the Woof Trax app for every run and dog walk, it counts my steps and donates so much per step to Old Friends. Totally easy and free ways to get some extra money into their organization for those might be struggling financially but want to help.

  2. I wanna know what that brain freeze felt like, poor pup. I knew it was coming and I laughed so hard but still feel sorry brain freeze is real

  3. Omg OP that is so very cool! You are awesome! I do English bulldog rescue but I would love to do primate rescue. Or at least adopt a primate. How did you get started? Any recommendations on where to look into potentially adopting a primate? I really would love a macaque or a lemur

  4. Could it be Iran as well... with all the unrest there who knows

  5. True. The whole world has went to hell in a hand basket I think right now. Everyone is waiting for someone to accidentally fumble and all bets are off. Iran, Russia, North Korea, China the threats are there. It’s just a waiting game of if/when and my money is on when

  6. I am putting my money on a nuke from Putin.... followed closely by Taiwan while we are managing THAT crisis

  7. I think you’re probably right. Putin seems to be the most unhinged right now. I don’t think he’s dumb enough to start a nuclear war though because he knows if he does it’s over for his country. NATO forces would have his ass lit up like the 4th of July.

  8. I personally don’t have pet insurance on my dog. He’s a bulldog, the premiums are super high, I had a bad experience in the past with my last bulldog and I have a 10k emergency fund available at any time for him. All the money I would have spent on premiums go into that fund and it’s been built up to around 14k right now. It’s easier, I keep it in savings so I have it available at a moments notice and get 1.5% interest on it which isn’t much but it’s better than nothing and it’s safe for if we ever need it. Hopefully we never need it, so far our biggest vet bill was around 3k and that was because he needed to be hospitalized for cluster seizures

  9. Alaska. There’s more unexplained missing person cases reported out of Alaska than anywhere else in the US. Throw in the huge Native population, the military presence (why does Alaska need such a huge military presence) and the Alaska Triangle you got yourself a good time

  10. Came here to say Alaska, weirdest state I’ve ever been in and I’ve hit almost all!

  11. Something similar happened to me last month at my hotel. I had just drove 14 hours, was dog ass tired and my little brother’s funeral was the next day. Some dude in the parking lot looks at me says you’re a pretty girl, I’m sure you’re gorgeous when you smile. I deadpan stared him down with a look that could kill and said I just drove 14 hours and I bury my brother tomorrow. Kindly go fuck yourself. He got the hint and didn’t make eye contact with me again the entire stay.

  12. Grapes, onions, garlic, chocolate, xylitol, chicken bones, cooked bones of any kind, raisins, coffee

  13. I’m angry because with legitimate service dogs are being deemed as fakes based on assumptions. So feel free to downvote me for speaking out and trying to educate people. It’s downright disgusting to see many of the veterans I’ve worked with being told they could enter but their dog couldn’t because a server thinks their dog is an ESA even when articulating the dog provides alerts to whatever the dog is trained to alert to. I have one vet that is prone to punching someone for startling them, the dog alerts when someone is behind him so he doesn’t catch an assault charge or harm someone. I have one vet that has severe agoraphobia from being tortured by insurgents. One that has such severe flashbacks that even some plates dropping will have under the table thinking he’s back in Afghanistan. These guys are not just vets that I train dogs for they become friends, family even. So yes I’m pissed off that them and others with unseen disabilities face this kind of discrimination from uneducated and uninformed employees, not just servers but everywhere they go.

  14. They are being questioned because of all the entitlement of people who think their non service dog is ok to be everywhere. I’ve seen firsthand a service dog attacked in a restaurant by a fake service dog. Basically that ruined their training (which you know is over 10k). There needs to be a way it isn’t the responsibility of the server, but that hasn’t happened.

  15. I don’t disagree with you. I lost my first service dog to a fake service dog. A woman moved into the apartment next door with a dog aggressive German Shepherd and he killed my dog and bit me in the throat. So I understand completely. Losing Duke was losing a part of myself. Having to start over again was extremely difficult not just physically but mentally and emotionally. You don’t have the time to grieve your loss because a properly trained dog takes 18 months at bare minimum so you have to get right back in there despite your grief.

  16. God bless you thank you. I served and managed for almost 10 years, and the service industry as a whole just seems to have a very negative outlook. Part of my reason for leaving as much as I loved it. These dogs work for food and shelter from their owner, which is pretty much slavery. But they do it so readily and lovingly. And I could go on and on for days about mental health. Before I was in a better place, there was days I was minutes away from suicide, and no one even knew. So be kind people. It’s that simple, just be a good person.

  17. I’ve been getting downvoted for hell and back for being so angry about the way so many servers treat people with invisible disabilities with service dogs. Apparently if someone with anxiety disorder or agoraphobia can’t adequately describe the tasks their dog performs to a server it’s completely completely ok to humiliate them, having them crying and hyperventilating then to deny them service because their disability affects their ability to communicate with strangers so their service dog is a fake. It’s disgusting but yet I’m a hostile bitch for standing up for those that struggle with this exact situation.

  18. I will gladly support you and your business any day ❤️

  19. This is really a low blow. What are you trying to accomplish exactly? Owners like you is the reason why there’s a high suicide rate in Vet Med. We try to help, but people like you lack the emotional intelligence to see outside your own Shiloh of thinking.

  20. Bless your heart, you got yourself a bee in your bonnet when someone fires back with an assumption about you. It doesn’t feel good to have all these assumptions made does it?

  21. Bless your heart, you got yourself a bee in your bonnet when someone fires back with an assumption about you. It doesn’t feel good to have all these assumptions made does it?

  22. If a guy took me to a shelter to volunteer on a date I would be in love with him forever. That’s a terrific idea and it shows very early on how compatible you are in terms of animals and giving back

  23. where is Dicks last resort? the only dick's i know is the sporting goods store

  24. There’s one in Nashville downtown on 2nd. I think there’s one in Gatlinburg, TN too

  25. I have a rule no major purchases until I have been on a new job for at least a year. It allows me to make sure my income is steady and secure, gives me time to save and allows me to get the growing pains out to make sure the position is right for me without being saddled with debt.

  26. Boxers are better with small dogs? Ill let her know thank you! She wanted a frenchie before so i think she would dig the wrinkled face look!

  27. The thing with rescues is you don’t know what you are getting. The best advice I have would be purchase good pet insurance and adopt her because rescue is the best dog ever.

  28. Who says, “cocaine and prostitutes” instead of “hookers and blow”?

  29. Haha the first thing I said to my husband when they woke me up from anesthesia was that since he had my wallet he better not have used my credit cards on hookers and blow, at least not without me. My surgeon died laughing

  30. My dog loves kids especially toddlers but he’s 90 pounds and will run straight to a kid if off leash. 9/10 times it terrifies a kid. He would never hurt a child but he gets so happy when kids are around he just gets over enthusiastic and wants to kiss them to death. I’m always afraid he will knock a child down. It’s just one of many reasons we avoid dog parks. OP you weren’t wrong here, if sucks that parents aren’t responsible.

  31. This is my 90lb dog. He LOVES kids. On leash he can go to daycare pickup to get my friends kids, gives gentle kisses to toddlers at the farmers market, ignores crawling babies on the ground at the human park. Off leash with running kids? He thinks they're gonna play like other dogs and absolutely takes them to the ground, thankfully only my friend's kids tested that theory when she BROUGHT THEM TO THE DOG PARK

  32. Same with my dog, he is a therapy dog and he works at the library with the children’s literacy program and also with kids at the domestic violence shelter. He sits there and lets kids read to him or spill their soul on the horrific abuse they have witnessed or endured. (That part kills me a little more every day, you think you would become numb to it but you just don’t) He lets our now 6 year old niece dress him up in a tiara and tutu while licking water daintily out of kids teacups. He visits the elderly in the nursing homes. But let him off leash with children and he’s like a wrecking ball in a china shop and the kids are the china. He doesn’t mean to but he doesn’t understand his size. I really should have named him Clifford because he’s so big and friendly.

  33. I think listening to the 911 call alone has a high chance of doing that to you. I’ve watched and read a lot of true crime over the years. It takes a lot to make me cry and watching Keara’s story and seeing her mom had me sobbing. I’m so sorry for the family’s loss. What happened was beyond evil.

  34. I just saw a clip of the episode on YouTube and I about threw up at my desk. I don’t think I can watch the whole show. It was horrific just the whole minute I saw. I don’t know that I want to know what happened to Keara and those babies. The fact Karen had to find her daughter like that is beyond devastating to me.

  35. Yeah I wasn’t buying the insanity thing. Not legally insane at least.

  36. Jordan is the scum of the earth. He shot them in cold blood, then he went to fucking McDonald’s then came back and shot them again. He let Karen in and told her it was done. How the fuck does anyone get to be that cold? How the fuck do you kill your 3 year old and your 9 month old? Then come back and shoot a second time? Maybe I’m too close to it because I’ve held both of those babies but damn I still want to kill Jordan myself

  37. I got that look yesterday, my boy had his semi annual physical and vaccines. He was not particularly fond of the kennel cough vaccine up the nose either.

  38. There have been studies done that say even after 7 years of not getting another rabies vaccine the dog still has 50% effectiveness. I won’t link the study because it’s heartbreaking all of the dogs were subjected to rabies and euthanized for testing purposes. However, a few weeks won’t impact you at all in terms of protection. The only risk would be from your local animal control and if you told them you had an appointment to get it renewed but that was the soonest your vet could get you in most of the time you would be fine as they know how it’s been

  39. I was in a store the other day and a very older woman's bill was 21.72 or 31.72. She spent at least 10 minutes counting out $1.72 in all change from her purse. Seriously. She kept messing it up & had to redo and keep digging for more change! The poor girl at the register could not say anything. So I said it for her.

  40. Sometimes with elderly they live on such a tight income they literally have to scrape for change, especially at the end of the month. Social security payments come in on the 3rd of every month and a lot of times exact change is all an old person has to make it on. Throw in medical issues like arthritis and memory problems and counting change can be extremely difficult for a senior citizen. Maybe instead of being rude you could have offered to help them count their change and showed a little kindness and compassion. Someday we will be old too and be struggling and want the same compassion shown to us

  41. I got a couple based on this post and they're great. I'm a 42G or something absurd like that so I got the largest size and they're very comfortable for sleeping in after my lumpectomy. So FYI for ladies with large band and cups: this works.

  42. I love them so much I went and bought more yesterday! I can’t believe how comfortable they are. I don’t think I can go back to regular bras after this. Obviously, I will keep my frilly, fancy ones for my husband but for day to day I don’t care comfort all the way is winning now. I wish I had found them 10 years ago instead of spending so much for those expensive, frilly, fancy bras that didn’t give me enough support to begin with. I’m glad they helped you and that you love them as much as I do. Sam’s has the DKNY ones as well that have a low plunge in the front. I’m planning on trying those next.

  43. Our local Harley dealership is doing Riding for The Racks this month. They also have a mobile mammogram set up at the event. All funds raised support the mobile mammogram program which goes to rural areas that are underserved and also provides free mammograms to anyone that needs one. I can get behind supporting this even though I know mammograms miss a lot, hell it missed my own BC. But they are trying to reach women who don’t have access to/ can’t afford care so I respect that.

  44. I would like to ban the phrase "save the tatas" it should be "save the human "

  45. I saw a girl walking around Walmart with a save the the boobies shirt and bracelet. I wanted to slap the sense right into her but realized she was 14-15 and thought she was spreading awareness. It was heartbreaking to see that reminder while just trying to be normal for an afternoon.

  46. I have an English bulldog. The minute food is placed in front of him it is inhaled. Except carrots, he will sniff them, look at us and give the look that says excuse me but I believe this might be healthy. Thanks but no thanks hoomans.

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