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  1. YTA I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being honest, and she probably shouldn’t have asked if she wasn’t prepared for a not so favorable response. Honestly it’s probably something she was a bit insecure about, she might have asked looking to put that insecurity to rest, but the honest answer just cemented it, and now it might be something that might cross her mind every time you’re intimate.

  2. NTA. I can see what others have shared about how your mom could be just looking for you to support her in this difficult time and in that case, that is a reasonable request from your mom to ask you to accompany her if she needs your emotional support. However, as others have also pointed out, she should communicate what her need is if that is the case or you could ask her, if she does not usually know how or think to communicate these needs.

  3. Thanks I appreciate you saying that. I think the discourse is exactly when you’ve pointed out and I’ll try my best to really articulate my thoughts on this to my mother, but ultimately do my best to support her

  4. NTA. I don’t think it makes sense for you to insert yourself into a stranger’s tragedy. Yes, support matters a great deal when you’re grieving, but having someone you don’t really know show up on your doorstep to try to support you is intrusive. I lost my service dog a year and a half ago, and a service dog is…a little bit like a spouse, a beloved pet, and a limb all rolled into one but not an exact match for any of these. It meant a lot to me that my family and my friends were there, especially the assistance dog partners I know, because most of them had been through the loss of a dog partner and understood my bereavement in a way no one else really could. If you were yourself a widow/widower, I could understand why your mom might think reaching out would be appropriate, because there is an instant intimacy to having shared the same kind of grief. I assume you haven’t, which makes you just some rando, which means you don’t really have anything to offer beyond “I’m sorry for your loss,” and while that’s appropriate to say in passing, visiting a grieving person to say it is a bit much.

  5. Yeah, thanks for sharing your story. I could definitely see how having gone through the same issue could be of some comfort. I personally haven’t thank God, but I’m definitely going to move forward with this in mind if ever faced with a similar situation to hopefully be of some help to someone.

  6. Brandon Blackwood is a designer that makes bags in this similar style as well!

  7. Ohh a really good suggestion, I think my mom would really like them, thank you!

  8. Mine does that too, I also noticed he’d do this to eat worms as well off of the glass as a snack

  9. Here's a good article with a video tutorial on how to buy land. This one focuses on the Sandbox metaverse, but I think you'll essentially need the same tools for the others from what I've heard & seen.

  10. I couldn't find if anywhere has it in stock right now, but most of the results are on poshmark or etsy, but they were sold already, you should keep checking though. Here's the info on the sweater and the poshmark/etsy posts.

  11. Thank you so much!! Any idea how much they cost?

  12. not sure what it's supposed to cost, in the links though the one on poshmark was listed as $30

  13. You know I used to feel this way as well before I started making good money, but I don't like to share how much I make to people anymore because I noticed when I was transparent about it, people didn't think I was bragging, but they did start to all of a sudden bring it up in conversation a lot more (sometimes in a weird tone), and feel the right to share it with other people as well.

  14. I’ve never been on a date from OLD and the girl has looked exactly like her pictures. Maybe a little better, maybe a little worse, but never exactly the same.

  15. I think that put things into a good perspective, the fact that it's what everyone is doing, does that make it inevitable either way?

  16. Almost no one intentionally posts less attractive photos of themselves. At most they might refrain from posting photos that show more skin to avoid coming across as wanting something casual.

  17. Has your experience been that when you meet up in person the difference from their photos has made them seem dishonest?

  18. Check @wheepupstyles on insta , they post wheein's fashion items

  19. Adorable kitty! Look on I bought a folding privacy screen that works great at the top of my stairs. I secured it with shipping tape on one end and it’s hinged so it can open/close with ease. I think it was $89 and worth every penny! I hope this works for your kitty and your dad!

  20. Thanks so much for telling me about chewy! I just ordered the perfect gate :)

  21. I picked up a 360 with 250gb hard drive for $100, found my old Guitar in my closet at my moms house, bought most of the games for 6-10 bucks at a retro game store. Affordable, accessible, and good.

  22. Thanks for all the responses yall, I think I'm gonna go the xbox route. I've got a friend who says they've got an old one back home they'll give me and they sell the games for cheap on amazon and I'll just need to grab up the controller!

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