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  1. Just a lil something something to get through night shift

  2. My question: What's her prompt to move forward? When everyone ahead of her has cleared through security?

  3. When i pass her for fartin around. You can't cut her in line if she's not in line.

  4. Why wouldn’t she want to get arrested. Jail means a shower a mattress and warm food.

  5. It taught me enough spanish to work in a spanish-speaking kitchen but conversationally I am still mostly fucked

  6. It's more like "Listo tortuga! Rapido pinche huevon! Caliente, atras! Ahhh puta madre wey"

  7. I never got comfortable enough to swear in Spanish lol.

  8. Lol thats pretty much most of my spanish vocab. I always make sure they kinda talk some shit to me first before i go talkin shit about their moms though.

  9. I didnt know there was a jump button!

  10. The thing fell out of a thing, but not his thing.

  11. No, ice skates have two edges, and then centre of the blade is lower

  12. Damn, now i want to buy a pair of ice skates & sharpen em just to say i can cut a tater with em.

  13. You could MASH a potato, but they’re just not shaped to do much. Here’s a pic of my partners figure skates:

  14. That is not what i remember my hockey skates looking like as a kid lol

  15. All i can assume is this dude just compared shooting up H to microdosing mushies...

  16. Uhhhh i dont think i can get uterus cancer, can i still get the 100k?

  17. All for the support but fuck off with the passive aggressive guilt trip bullshit "silence is violence"

  18. Seattle? Passive aggressive? Noooooo...

  19. That thing shouldn't pass over a speed bump.

  20. I might have to try that sometime, as I often will get cut and getting infections a lot especially when dishwashing.

  21. Salt and lemon juice works in a pinch too. This dope ass old hispanic dude at the first fine dining restaurant i worked at taught me that. I thought he was fuckin with me at the time but I've done it a couple times when i didnt have anything other than that & well alcohol. Didn't have a problem, other than having citrus & salt in a wound lol it'll put some hair on your chest too.

  22. Yea it will work in a pinch though definitely be prepared to have it hurt more than anything, as had to use that method a lot when I was a kid at my dads house due to him being a bit cheap. It taught me a valuable lesson that being don’t do something that could be reckless and cause injury and that if medicine is bitter it is usually better.

  23. Oh yeah that's what i ment when i said it'll put hair on your chest lol its not so bad though, it only hurts for a second.

  24. Welp, looks like I'm staying up and drinking more.

  25. I had a salt allergy ticket once. Swore they were deathly allergic to salt. They really defied the medical odds with that one.

  26. I saw this one once. Salt, allium, gluten, dairy and some other random shit.. That's the only time ive ever told a customer i didn't feel comfortable cooking for them because i salt basically everything.

  27. Probably a thing chicks have to think about since everything is recorded now a days , do I cover up and get my ass kicked or show my pancake nipples and lopsided tits and possibly have a chance of winning..

  28. Slept in the same bed as another dude at a party because all the other spots were taken.

  29. Shaving dem balls and pits. Having a daily, weekly and monthly hygiene routine.

  30. The only thing i shave is my face, and even thats pretty rare.

  31. I like at least a couple songs from most genre's, but whoever wrote the jingle for 1877cars4kids can rot in hell with a firey poker in every hole.

  32. It actually is, this video came out when covid was still fresh and quebec had its first curfew if i remember correctly.

  33. Being stoned on the job is waaaaay more manageable than being drunk. That being said not everyone can be stoned and still do their job to the standard. Those people should not smoke and work.

  34. I can smoke a bowl and have a beer before/ during work. I can have 2 or 3 drinks through a shift & feel well lubed with a pep in my step. 2 or 3 bowls and I'm taking as many trips to the walk in and trying to get my kife cuts to be as close to an exact brunois as possible when i just need to do a rough chop for chili or some shit.

  35. Bubble tests. The only handwritten thing on those is the kids name.

  36. Just put down C for everything and hope you don't get an F.

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