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  1. Ohh, if he thinks George Bush will stay out of the sewer, he doesn't know George Bush.

  2. There's celebrity worship than there's celebrity fellatio. Zzzzzap!

  3. Oh, sorry about it rich guy. Flexing on us large kitchen knife peasants

  4. This a bloody Rock concert not the bleedin splish-splash show

  5. I do apologize to all rats for associating them with Coltee. I agree they’re sweet and kinda cute, especially those who are able to help their homie seduce a whole-ass French ladychef like some kind of Cyrano de Bergerat.

  6. The fuck? Why am I on there? - Christafuh, from The Sopranos

  7. Tim stole his whole style from Dora's friend Boots the Monkey 😤

  8. I DIDNT EVEN NOTICE AT FIRST jesus christ

  9. Is this that Extreme Bum Smelly shithead all those little 12 year old like.

  10. See my whole thing was Bini literally has no balls. He’s always letting Ari get chewed up.

  11. He's just trying to keep it together for Avi. If they did split up she would use him as a weapon against Bini & make sure he never sees his son again.

  12. All of a sudden I'm getting a strange hankering for some loaded potato wedges...

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