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  1. Bruh... Ender's game has been out since the 80's

  2. I mean isn't that basically the plot to Ender's Game?

  3. A couple episodes were pure worldbuilding with no action, but overall it was well worth the slowness of those for the overarching series' greatness

  4. Imagine the demand if they sold them like this in bottles. Could even have different bottles for the different levels mild, medium, hot, and Diablo! The possibilities are endless. Gonna be at every Midwest grocery store!

  5. Damn don't you hate it when a "celebrity" you like turns out to be an idiot?

  6. Yeah his tweets have really not aged well.

  7. I blame the mass emigration of commiefornians voting for the same policies they left because of

  8. here it’s just people escaping 400k shacks for 200k mansions it’s more liberal than conservative though

  9. Equal right equal (or rather unequal in this case XD) fights.

  10. And here I am with the G700s old school gangsters watching these hood rats fight over which mouse is runner-up.

  11. I'm not a Leafs fan, but the old trope of hating on Toronto for anything and everything is really, really old.

  12. He's playing the stereotypical loudmouth, pain in the ass, leafs fan. What more could you ask for?

  13. "Tend The Goal Hockey" would've been more appropriate imho

  14. TBF its literally just a folder named overwatch so there's nothing to indicate that is actually a game folder. Just delete your R34 content if you want to reduce that size and don't post for karma.

  15. Don’t forget to add the promo code “gothedistance” for an additional $100 off (long-range batteries)

  16. Doesn’t seem to work on batteries, at least not for the XP lite

  17. It doesn’t matter. Yes it’s an educated guess as to which strain will infect that winter. However, if they guess right, the vaccine will do it’s job.

  18. I guess my problem is more that they guess wrong more often than not and regardless it’s subsidized by the government too.

  19. Oh, I 100% agree with you. I apologize for the mixup up. Someone had brought up the flu vaccines to compare against the covid shot….and while I think both are “ehh”, at least one of them does work…when the medical professionals are able to accurately predict which strain will be coming around…which is rarely. I think you and I are on the same page.

  20. Yup sounds like it. Just two different communication styles leading to the mixup.

  21. Update: did a quick search of the Colorado Springs shooter (who is white) and their face is the first thing that comes up and is plastered everywhere. Hmmm 🤨

  22. That was until the story of him being an enby came out XD

  23. Are signs on the left side of the road even valid signs? I thought traffic signs should be on the right side of the road (at least in Europe)

  24. You don’t see the 50 followed right after by a 30 on the right?

  25. Just make sure if it comes out wrong you blame Marie callendar.

  26. You’re really gonna do aurora dirty like that?

  27. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS! Not only for the reasons shown in the video, but please look up the CENTRALIA PA MINE FIRE

  28. Looks like I'm opening a PayPal account. Congrats to them for having some integrity. Fuck guns and the needledick losers who buy them.

  29. Fucking loser can’t even post on your main account because you know you’re brigading

  30. Reverts to insults about supposed issues with reproductive organs. How original… fuck you guys are getting stupider by the minute…

  31. Honestly amazes me that people don’t realise that OnlyFans is an extremely top-heavy platform, more so then popular porn sites.

  32. I definitely prefer the Gen 1 for its ability to take a standard ar receiver extension.

  33. FarrowTech has entered the chat

  34. Did they make one for the gen2 then? Huh

  35. Holy shit we’ve got @BenjaminGoggin in the comments guys.

  36. Mine too, but this was one of the more comical.

  37. So one of the guys I shoot with sometimes is a senior BATF agent. He said the new interpretation is that any gun that fires multiple rounds at once or facilitates bumpfire can be considered a machine gun, even if the cause is a malfunction. I had a runaway slam fire magdump at a match recently due to a weak striker spring and got scolded.

  38. I hope you scolded him back for being a fucktard and working for those criminals…

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