1. Thinking of what my hubby said to me when I have 2 straight days off..🥰

  2. I prefer things that make me feel good. I don’t discriminate

  3. Soft touches. Warm heavy blankets;weighted. Candles that have a relaxing scent.

  4. Crazy how you can strip down at work!!! We need more work photos.

  5. Either way. Need more and more action at the work place

  6. For Starters, Dr. Andrews hasn’t done a case at St.V in years. But Cain,Dugas, or Emblom are incredible. If you want Grandview, then I would recommend Bob Wolf. When it comes to PT, all are equally good. It’s more about what you do as a patient and your determination to work through PT.

  7. Finish you paper. Maybe your reward will be a big dick in your dreams.

  8. It’s the socks. That’s what’s keeping you from a 10/10

  9. You are doing it right. Just communicate a day or two after a scene, dealing with aftercare. When you have to be away from her side, touch her as you leave the room. Tell her you will be back in a moment. Calm and softly announce your presence when you come back. She still maybe in subspace. You don’t want to pull her rapidly back. Make sure she has her favorite drinks, food readily available. If you are worried about when she leaves, give her a worn out t shirt that smells like you that she can cuddle with when she gets home. Also, and this is just as important. If you are becoming her Dom, you aftercare is just as important. Of course after she is completely back from her subspace and ready to tend to your needs

  10. She is hot AF!!! Treat her with respect, she won’t disappoint.

  11. Pockets are a wonderful place to put one’s hands 😈

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