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  1. I love seeing Brandon and Fat electrician. But Angry cops had me crying of laughter both times he was on the podcast. Get this man a plane ticket to tx. Shit donut was hanging with him recently

  2. What I don't understand is why is grosskreutz free, it was ruled self defense was it not and if it was ruled self defense shouldn't grosskreutz be jail for attempted murder or assault because you know he was doing the attacking, if you know please explain it to me because I don't know why someone who attacked and pointed gun at someone should be free

  3. You’re welcome dude! It’s a beautiful piece and it’s nice to see a Tokarev without the bs import safeties. Are you in the eu?

  4. No Canada, just got it recently, if things go the way they are going, this and my other handgun may be the only ones I ever own unless I move or we get someone better in charge

  5. Eh, fellow Canadian here. Got myself a Zastava M57 before the great freeze. Still waiting for the transfer to be approved.

  6. I am still waiting for my other one as well, it took two mouths for the tokarev to be approved, it's looking like the other will be even longer

  7. Froggy was the human torch but he lights on fire every time he sees someone attractive

  8. Pretty sure they have encouraged others to get them and then post pic of said tattoos

  9. Download an episode (Google "YouTube Download" and you will find plenty of websites that can do it) cut it down to the theme or just screen record the theme from youtube then Google "video to mp3" and use one of the websites and then just set as your ringtone

  10. It's want I use, I have put around 200 rounds of it through mine, haven't had a problem but it is corrosive so clean your gun after each use

  11. It’s funny because I used to have a Maverick 88 but i don’t feel it was the right shotgun for me. I kind of want a double barrel just for the pure badassery but not 100% sold one what I want.

  12. I got double barrel nothing special just stoeger uplander but that combine with my ruger wrangler makes me feel like a cowboy lol

  13. I mean your missing a whole area after Lola that just can't fit in the whole Arial window. Roxanne from Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World or Monster Girls. Would so prolly be Eli thing if he was to go furry. Since we all know AK guy only likes missionary.

  14. Yeah there is a quick change between Lola and Ariel but I couldn't think of any in between, I haven't heard of the ones you mentioned, that's why I included the template incase someone wanted to do it better

  15. I’m 61. I think I know 4 people with firearms. As Kaidani13 said, most probably don’t know someone with a gun.

  16. I'm 21. I know at least 20 people with firearms, most gun owners don't advertise that they are gun owners, they ain't going tell you unless ask or you're talking adout guns. It's all adout where you live, my guess is you live in a city but I live in farm country and every farmer's got at least one

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