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  1. Fwiw I shoot more accurately with irons on my pistols but marginally faster with the red dot. I tend not to like red dots on pistols because of this. I think they work well for people who do competition where transition times are key as well as for people who don’t have good pistol sight fundamentals already developed.

  2. You can buy a kit to convert. Is not very hard if you have the tools and are handy. There are several good YouTube videos

  3. If CA allowed it I would have it. It was a mission just to build this the way I wanted it. But I will hopefully be moving to a free state in December and a can will be my first purchase.

  4. I got an mcx in 300blk and one in 556 at my Colorado house. They run great with my sandman s and omega 30.

  5. With subs 100%. I shoot a lot of the Remington 200gr stuff. I don’t use ear pro with subs unless I’m running night vision and then I already have the ear pro on the helmet so why not.

  6. Hm very interesting. Are you still dumping gas out the side then or not so much? Also, any idea if a shorter barrel than yours would worsen or improve the gas situation…?

  7. The silicon trick works. I do it on all my DI guns. Does not really buy you anything on a piston build

  8. 30-06 is great if you reload and horrible if you don't. Recoil will be more of an issue in a prs style match but conversely your energy to target will kick ass and you can load some really excellent high BC 30 cals to very good 1 mile and in velocities. Most reloading data is all couched for older rifles but a judicious loader with a long tube can get an extra 1-200fps out of a 30-06 and it will be perfectly safe in a modern bolt action (NOT FOR PAWPAWS OLD SPRINGFIELD). 308s and 30-06s are very good today but the 7-6mm shills will tell you otherwise. Unless you are trying to win ELR or crazy high level competitions you won;t be hamstrung atall. I show up to local PRS stuff with my 270 on a semi regular basis and always rug shoulders with the dudes rocking 6.5 swedes and 308s. Its fun to show up with a dinosaur and make others sweat a little.

  9. This! I used to shoot a 30-06 Sako trg in competition and I was getting performance near my friends 300wm because I was reloading and he was shooting factory.

  10. You don’t need to show your stamp to anyone but the ATF

  11. Is there a way to get a CA legal AK without the stupid featureless fin grips?

  12. what folding brace setup do you have? I have a stockless on a sling that’s a snake in the hands

  13. Better than a high caliber revolver, worse than a full power rifle cartridge. If I was going for strictly bear defense I would be using my 458 socom.

  14. D. Wilson MFG. He chopped my 20S and he did a great job.

  15. Just called and they aren’t taking as scar barrels right now 🥲

  16. Cut it down to 16inch and thread it again… basically do a scar CSASS build

  17. With a can no, without the brake will damage it

  18. Can someone explain to me how to make my SP5 (that lives in another state currently) CA compliant??

  19. Pin and weld a faux can and put a fin grip on it

  20. … how is the op getting away with a short barrel?

  21. If you want a rattler with more gas in your face

  22. The one guy who doesn’t post a “should I send” pic

  23. What about a new logo? Both are equally lame in my opinion. Maybe even a new color scheme. Bit both of those are fine.

  24. I know this is well worn but I needed the screenshot of the poll so I can yell at someone.

  25. 1.6mm gas port for vented gas block on a 10.5. Honestly better route to get a nefarious arms barrel and keep or sell the MR barrel.

  26. I’ve looked for one But can’t seem to find them in stock

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