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  1. I knew a lady that said she was raped 6 different times , at a bar she would visit . Who the fuck would keep going to the bar , that you had been raped at Once ?

  2. I'm signed up for the list but I never donated an organ. Only donated blood.

  3. Remember UAP does not mean Aliens, lol.

  4. You can’t tell me she’s a productive part of this society, I’m sorry.

  5. If a Pedo is flashing kids, they're acting on their urges, meaning that the only thing keeping them from raping a kid is probably the lack of opportunity to commit the act, so they expose themselves because it's faster and allows more deniability since doctors can examine a child for sexual abuse, but you can argue in court you didn't expose yourself as long as other witnesses weren't around. That being said, I don't give a fuck about the lives of pedophiles, no, I take that back, I do care! If they die, they can't be tortured any more, and that's sad. Death in their case would be merciful and I have no mercy for them. Just thinking about them having their toenails and teeth ripped off/out, same with their skin! Having their cock and balls mutilated, being sodomized by a hot fire poker! These thoughts bring a smile to my face! Pedophiles are sick fucking freaks who are the worse of society and should fear every second of their existence.

  6. There is no such thing as Freewill. You think you choose what to wear or do , but it can be no other way. It is hard for the human mind to comprehend this . There is no past or future, only the now . When you are thinking about the past or present, you are doing it in the now . My best advice for you, is that you should always learn to live in the moment , no matter how much you might hate that moment. There is a reason that moment exists in your reality.

  7. Absolutely. If there is one reason I wish I never had children, is because of the fear of their death.

  8. That my daughter was killed or died. That would definitely destroy me.

  9. At the first sign of getting sick , I make the hottest bath or shower that I can barely stand, I stay in the hot water for 30 minutes. It always makes me feel better the day after. I think the hot water helps heat up my core temperature, helping my immune system kill off whatever is making me sick.

  10. A certain percentage of the sales has to be food , for it to be considered a Restaurant.


  12. Sorry I fell asleep on the couch watching TV lol

  13. The peach state right? How are things over there? Very humid?

  14. Yes the peach state . It a bit cooler now that the cold front has went through. Thursday was very hot and humid, but the front brought drier air and cooler temps.

  15. If you’re a white cisgender male - relatively so.

  16. I am a white heterosexual male and I take no offense for you stereotyping me . But all I ask of you , is that you do not get upset if people stereotype you.

  17. I started drinking alcohol at 15 I became sober at the age of 42. As a male that has worked construction all my life , I have been around some not so responsible people and picked up their habits. My last year of drinking was the worst. I was drinking 2 pints of fireball every morning and a pint of fireball with a 12 pack of beer at night . I eventually became suicidal and attempted to hang myself. Fortunately the strap I used broke free from the limb of the tree ,I used. After coming back to , I turned myself into the crisis center and have been sober ever since that night. If I can do it , anyone can. My life has improved exponentially. Get help please, realize life is better sober.

  18. Hate to add to it but yes, we are. The membranes of our innards are coated in lipids (fats)

  19. Yes, all hail greasy insides. Because no one wants a chapped liver .

  20. I know it’s like a joke and everything but the reason why they’re like that in America it’s because of people getting trapped in there having a heart attack or stroke or whatever or God forbid a child getting locked in there it’s to make it easier access if someone has an emergency here

  21. If she enjoys it, then yes. I prefer to have his tongue slowly make circles around my clit until I'm close to cumming- THEN suck on it directly.

  22. Ice particles need to be present and they need to rub each other , to create lightning.

  23. First, you need ice phase hydrometeors to get lightning. If cloud tops were short enough so that there was no ice in the cloud, you will not get lightning. Second, even if you do get ice phase particles, they need to interact to build up charge separation.

  24. If it's meant to happen, it will. I believe in determinism.

  25. You say you desire a relationship with her , but you don't like her , makes no sense. There is something you find desirable with her.

  26. i think i just have a fantasy about being in a relationship and for some reason its her in the place of a partner

  27. Might be . You should talk up a conversation with her.

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