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  1. Weight is the most important part. Need to know that to figure out truck.

  2. This has nothing to do with politics

  3. I want to go to his sign with a red sharpie and circle all the errors.

  4. And here I thought a degree in Medieval studies would be the most useless... Buddy went to MIT to study butt plugs.

  5. It's really just basic kink knowledge. It's not that uncommon of an accessory in the right groups of people.

  6. wtf? Why would they do this? Useless, and would actually cost them money.

  7. Missed this episode of "Magic School Bus"

  8. When miss frizzle is sick and principal take in charge 🤣🤣

  9. Anyone who does this either has more money than brains, or can afford a really interesting and probably fun project.

  10. So how much to make a used one pristine? And I want modifications removed. I want to enjoy it like how the engineers designed it.

  11. There are a million factors to consider and no way to answer this question.

  12. Musk and this Twitter fiasco continues to remind me of episodes of Silicon Valley.

  13. Bet he has a huge line of applicants ... NOT.

  14. When you have a camera on you 24/7 you get weird shit on film. Take little snippets out of context and lots of shit looks weird.

  15. So if someone recorded you 24/7. We'd get a video of you snorting a random kid's spine like a line of coke?

  16. There is no context. Maybe he stumbled. Maybe he went for a hug but it turned awkward. I dunno. Just saying that not every weird clip is as it appears.

  17. Bet most people that follow Elon are trump supporters. I’m surprised trump did not score higher.

  18. 8.9 Billion homeless votes liberal? 🧐

  19. If ball donations were a thing, the new balls would be making swimmers from the donor's stem cells, not their own. So if the recipient had a child, the donor would be the child's biological father. Bypassing Darwin is not ideal in this case.

  20. That could be a problem. Also having to buy XXXXXXXL sized underwear may be problematic.

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