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  1. this is obviously either not a real gun or not real bullets

  2. I would think blanks would even have more recoil than that, that’s like CGI level of recoil. I’ve never shot blanks though, so I really have no idea. I guess it very well could be blanks with significantly less gunpowder

  3. Those rounds look like 9mm or .45 and you’d see a lot more recoil if they weren’t blanks

  4. A LOT more recoil. And no chance she could shoot that fast with a .45, probably not even with a 9mm honestly. You got downvoted because someone has been playing too many video games and watching too many movies 😂 people will give a strong opinion on a topic they know absolutely nothing about, it’s wild

  5. If actually say he’s borderline, but his proportions are off, those delts and traps look juicy for sure

  6. Is this supposed to be art or something? Like wtf even is this?

  7. Been on it for over 6 years. At first I didn’t have a hob, but I eventually got one while on the program, and just from the start I told my employer that I couldn’t work Thursday’s, and that was the end of it. I had weekly appointments. If he asked me to work a Thursday, I’d say I couldn’t, I have a doctors appointment on Thursday’s, or I’d say I had to leave by a certain time, usually 30 minutes before the actual time of the appointment. When I went to every 4 weeks it’s really become a non issue in almost every way. Especially when I was going every 6 weeks for awhile

  8. Yeah, the $400 upgrade to go from an laughable 256gb drive especially in a “Pro” MacBook to 1 TB is almost a war crime. As if in any sane world it costs another $400 more than the 256 drive that’s already being factored into the base cost.

  9. I’d just buy an external hard drive, fuck that shit

  10. Yeah, suboxone has made me hypogonadal. I usually sat around 700-900, now I’m at 354 last I checked. My doctor acknowledged that that’s likely why I feel like shit, but he isn’t willing to prescribe testosterone until I get completely off the suboxone and my levels don’t come back up

  11. Calls on Turkey and puts on the Detroit Lions like every Thanksgiving.

  12. Lol I’m a Detroit guy, Lions always blow it in the 4th quarter. Literally that team could fuck up a cup of water.

  13. They were up by 1 point up until the very end and blew it 😂

  14. Hard reset would be my first go-to. Software reset should do it

  15. This would be hilarious if it’s true

  16. Side note- I refuse to believe that anybody old enough to have sex doesn’t know that that’s how babies are made. Dumb fucking argument. They’re poor, therefore they aren’t taught that having sex creates babies, so they don’t know any better. It must be a shock of a lifetime to become pregnant and find out that you’re going to be having a baby and have no idea why 😂 assuming they aren’t pressured to kill it

  17. Welcome to the left side of the political isle, this is the basis for every argument. It’s also the tactic for fear mongering; just make shit up, no matter how easily it can be debunked, it doesn’t matter, because people will believe it and won’t look it up. Oh, and make sure to accuse the other political party of doing exactly what we’re doing. Get out in front of it, that way it’ll seem crazy and make it look like a bad attempt if someone calls us out for it

  18. Hey i got the Same problem do i just buy a new case and add fans im not sure? help PLZ

  19. Just happened to me. Googled it, found this, went back to try again. Turns out I forgot to put the M.2 back in, and that fixed it

  20. 9 deliveries in 2 hours? That’s impressive

  21. I need to upgrade my GPU, I thought it was just the game not loading correctly 😂😂 luckily I have a new one coming next week

  22. If you actually want to quit, just go get a pack of nicotine gum and chew that until it goes away

  23. And this is why I carry a bright ass flashlight. Might piss some people off, but oh well. I just don’t want to trip, and I also don’t want to step in any more dog shit than I already do. By the way, you’d look a hell of a lot less suspicious with a flashlight than a dark figure sneaking around in darkness 😂 people love to make themselves victims

  24. “I kissed HIM on HIS forehead & told HER…” it seems someone is very confused

  25. For the people curious, Japan has a smaller population today than they did 25 years ago

  26. And this ladies and gentlemen.. is why there’s so much security nowadays in preventing rollbacks(in the civilized world)

  27. If you don’t already have a tolerance to any opioid, suboxone will definitely help with pain. It is an opioid after all

  28. We did the same in America, so you’re not alone in your stupidity

  29. “Darling of the alt-right” is their favorite catch phrase

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