1. LPT (Lamp Pro Tip): Put the bedside lamp on a touch controller (

  2. Agreed. He's a sell out/hypocrite who believes he's special and the exception, until he isn't.... Pretty par for the course

  3. When faced with peril, there's always a fight for who gets to go last.

  4. "Guys could you please stop being anti-semitic for one second? You're making it really hard for me to keep deepthroating your boots." - Ben Shapiro (probably)

  5. His gag reflex is triggered by the fact Republicans secretly hate him.

  6. Thanks. Do you know the stripes? Seems like white with red, white with white stripe. Coast guard?

  7. I don't remember the colors, but each colored stripe represents fire, dispatch, paramedics, police, corrections, and military.

  8. Sooooo, several of the professions that are criminally undercompensated and understaffed, including the police who are also infested with fascists and criminals? And not a single one of these problems will ever be addressed and fixed by a Republican politician ever? Fun.

  9. Worship heroes; just don't pay them well. That's the GOP way.

  10. People forget that often outside the United States judges and counsel both wear robes in court.

  11. Nobody needs to put chips in anyone. They can automatically identify you anytime a camera sees your stupid face!

  12. Yeah, you don't just show up even to a former president's private dinner party. My employer had a function where a former president was in attendance. Every person that wished to attend had to give at least a day's notice to be on the Secret Service's guest list.

  13. Because the Republican majority in the house is only 5 seats. If the Democrats could get a sympathetic to both sides house speaker it would be much easier to win over the five votes needed to have majority.

  14. I see marshmallows. You will never stop me until the wrapping color is changed.

  15. I own a thermoworks thermapen and signals. Great thermometers. Signals is incredibly useful for monitoring a cook. There's an addage "if you're looking you ain't cooking." I only ever open my pit to spritz.

  16. Optimal placement is high on the windshield near the rearview mirror mount. This puts the lens at or near your eye-level. Mounting it on the dashboard would place it too low and wouldn't be very useful.

  17. I'm impressed he's easily recognizable let alone still blessed with an Oxygen habit. Also, he's looking more like the folks that broke into the capitol than what his defense claimed in court.

  18. Timmy, when someone asks you to shut the fuck up. They honestly just want you to shut the fuck up and nothing else. You can continue living your life, just stop being unpleasant noise in mine.

  19. Blaire White is a trip. Imagine just completely selling out an entire stratum of people who know what it is you've gone through, all for the honor of being the last trans person killed.

  20. Whenever something bad happens to a group of people, there's always a contest for who gets their turn last.

  21. I think a lot of shit harms kids, like church, and I mind my fucking business about it. When harm is happening objectively, that’s when it’s our collective business. When it’s an issue of subjective belief, shut the fuck up

  22. Even when there is objective harm, like.. say... tackle football and CTE. Reasonable people don't call for violence. The only call anyone makes is for the harm to stop. Whether that stop is putting an end to youth tackle football completely, or make changes to the game so that it doesn't come with lifelong brain damage.

  23. This is an excellent point. Nobody advocates attacking NFL stadiums because they hold a youth football event the Saturday before a game even though we have objective, scientific proof that kids should never play tackle football.

  24. Not to mention the NFL's own knowledge of the toll football takes on the human brain that they kept under wraps.

  25. Love the Feldherr trays and bags. I have their little "Tourney" sized bag which I was taking to the LGS on flight night.

  26. That's a flintlock. They had percussion caps in the 1860s.

  27. Repeaters were also available. Also if I'm not mistaken paper cartridge breech loaders were also quite common in the 1860's. There were union soldiers with the cash that brought their own Henry rifles. Confederate units called it the rifle that "Yankees load on Sunday and shoot all week."

  28. That's a really fine cut of meat you got. Really good trim too. I look forward to your finished product. You get that at Sam's?

  29. Default desktop location in Windows 10 is C:\Users\%Username%\Desktop Windows almost always letters your boot drive as C: which is your SSD.

  30. Did you offer the Grackle a cigarette? They won't leave you alone until you do.

  31. Buddy of mine has a Maverick XLT and there's room in the backseat for even a rear-facing child seat. My buddy is 6' 3" tall.

  32. Very obviously, there are drag shows that are appropriate for all ages. But the right really need to convince people otherwise:

  33. hands can be used multiple times. put my two frog-smackers down for a couple hundred slaps each

  34. Oh, I'm taking multiple slaps from the same hand into account. There's only 14 Billion hands on Earth and I don't think there's enough to bitch slap his face back to a normal size.

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