1. i used ecs. seemed fine, also had an old house that never had it done before. had an hvac inspection done six months after and no issues found; the tech said they appeared to have cleaned correctly.

  2. i guess slightly off-topic but what about ethanol free gas? there is at least one station in walworth but trying to avoid going that far if possible

  3. Odell isn't going to the Poverty Packers lol

  4. thanks OP i will check it out....i am in a league with 3 def spots (2 lb 1 cb) and this week i had both linebackers hurt within a few plays of their games lol

  5. I’ve never understood why every state doesn’t do this. 1.) people fish more 2.) more importantly to me they learn to try and catch different species.

  6. 262 here i was literally just looking at the WI requirements list tbh i have not caught that many fish (if any) that would be of the size limit

  7. Search Mepps squirrel tail program. It's still going on.

  8. bump, not sure but i need an electrical outlet installed outside. idk who to call lots of options

  9. lol well according to this i am to freefall back into near last place, though it's probably pretty accurate

  10. thanks, i'll check it out. need a replacement for Divine (who has the best name in the league)

  11. He was named starter ahead of Foreman before injury

  12. not that it matters but i remember when i got downvoted to hell for suggesting the jets dbs/sauce would be shutting teams down about four weeks ago

  13. please no alligator is all i got left bros and might have to start alligator AND huntley

  14. added Wilson from waivers and got him this week what am i in for guys? only start able if mostert becomes mosthurt?

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