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  1. i’m an allstar cheerleader, i dont do school cheer but my best friend does and from what i’ve heard everyone is really nice as long as your nice and try your best, its always scary trying something new so try to find other people to talk to at the start (finding people with some experience and can help you is beneficial) but also people who dont have experience so you can learn together is also really nice !

  2. you really just have to trust everyone in your group and focus on your job, not everyones job. make things simple for yourself!

  3. A third option is one of the satellite suburb cities outside of Portland. You still have the variety of things to do and places to eat without the big city crime and homelessness. Check out Hillsboro, Beaverton, Tigard, etc. And they are close to both Portland and the coast.

  4. yeah, i think i like this option more so i can experience the city, but also go home to a little cozy house lol

  5. What are your reasons for Tillamook? Have you been there? My husband lived there for 3 years when we were dating and we would not recommend living there long term. There are many really nice costal towns to live in but the Mook is not one of them.

  6. honestly it was just one of the first little costal towns i saw, but ive been researching a bunch today plus the replys definitely influenced me lol

  7. how do you make captions for soap2day? one of my favorite shows dosent have them, and i saw another show have them made by a user but i don’t see anything about there website about that.

  8. They're still not moving until now? Reset them or restart the game.

  9. the other two moved one was still stuck until i changed her outfit, i assume it was the cc for some reason.

  10. Why are you writing by hand? Isn't it more convenient to type?

  11. Thomas Wolfe wrote Look Homeward Angel in pencil. He was too tall for his desk so he wrote standing beside a refrigerator scribbling the pages freehand and dropping them into an orange crate as he finished.

  12. thats actually pretty interesting how differently people work on stuff.

  13. honestly i have little clue but basically its just a bathtub full of water and i think its like all natural lol

  14. What exactly are you looking for? Benefits of T for trans men? Health and safety info? Info on T and dysphoria? Timelines and results?

  15. i think just kinda the whole run down? so like safety, benefits dysphoria stuff

  16. Redoing the passport is such a hard time tho. I had to redo it recently in a rush and it was really difficult to find an appointment

  17. yeah, i only got mine done a few months ago and it also was a hassle

  18. Yoooo! That's awesome!... Your mum is a very special person indeed. I was blessed with an amazing momma as well and that support system has literally saved my life. :547::548::550:

  19. I wish my cat would let me do this! To be fair, poor thing is traumatized from his last home 😭

  20. if it makes you feel better mine couldnt walk haha. i think you just have to ease them into it?

  21. coming from a teenager, it just means be gay and do illegal things (as a joke) dosent really have a deep meaning lol

  22. i’m 15 and Dr. Rhodes in Richmond VA is operating on me. insurance covered my surgery. it may be a drive, but it’s worth a try.

  23. Rezak won't do minors. Sherie will (I'm 17 and going with her) but I'm not sure what the cutoff is. I believe MacPhee does minors as well but pretty sure she only did 16+

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