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  1. I assume you are amazingly fun at parties.

  2. Dont go to parties too busy playing my SteamDeck.

  3. A lot of redditors are just obsessed with China and Chinese people lmao

  4. I loooooove authentic szechuan food.

  5. Let him get close enough to touch you then record it like he is sexually assaulting you.

  6. So we looking at another tax on middle and low class families again without a vote of the people?

  7. Calm down Tim. Do we need to get you another office chair?

  8. You do know that people in this state are not fans of an income tax right?

  9. I think the headline is slightly sensational.

  10. This is good. It was entirely too difficult to view pornhub via in flight wifi. This will bring much satisfaction to many flyers.

  11. It involves chopping up someones property and we cant have any of that.

  12. Fucked around and found out. Thats their anthem right?

  13. Mine is 8.4tb. Its possible some PAL and EU copies are in there.

  14. Damn man, now that vulture has a new meal.

  15. PNW politicians are as pro corporate as you can get. Oddly enough its a democrat super majority...

  16. Last one probably means you can't enter with multiple accounts.

  17. The last one has to do with shipping address and payment card usage. You cant trick shipping and credit companies so once they do a check they can see if there are any duplicates in extreme cases. Like obviously there may be same people in household or apartment complex but most of the scalpers are easy to spot with a limited size list.

  18. Same here. Just always jams at rnd 59 for me but who cares after all that orgasming.

  19. Looks like a protein block from Snowpiercer

  20. High Visibility AND this many were caught? That tells us that people have become so brazen with their crimes behind the wheel there needs to be even more officers on the road.

  21. Only one of those are designed only to kill.

  22. I’ve retained counsel on this one so if anyone wants to join feel free. It looks like we’d have a strong case for derelict of duty.

  23. Good luck! Im sure a few folks in Tx tried something similar, havent heard much so have to assume it went no where.

  24. Killed my neck and I went back. But anything is better than the pvs5s and 7s I used for decades.

  25. Why is the sudden change of view on this game? A month ago almost everyone was positive.

  26. Probably the constant bombardment of ads and astroturfing for it.

  27. Some lady in front of me last night decided to handwave everyone instead of going. Sat there for a good 6minutes while she let who knows how many waves of cars just go, I couldnt reverse because people were behind me and rode my ass even more the longer we waited...

  28. My last employers told all employees to come in, and it's up to the supervisor if you are sick enough to go home.

  29. Ah just like the days of monkeypox parties and aids gangbangs and herpes giveaways...

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