1. I think you do care about being alone other wise I don't think you would have reached out like this! What are some of the hobbies you enjoy?

  2. I mean it depends on the situation if I am at work or I see people who talk too much and do bitching about other people I feel like I am happy being alone, but when I am genuinely alone I feel like I should have at least one good friend. My hobbies well, I like to write I write short stories and all, and badminton, watching too many movies or tv series

  3. There is a very big difference between avoiding the kind of people who socialize by putting others down (I do this a lot myself) and actually being alone. Trust that socializing with those people won't make you feel any less alone. It may sound corny but the best way to find genuine friends is the same old adage as dating, just be yourself! If you're doing the kinds of things that you enjoy and are just being comfortable people will notice and be like "hey awkward_introvert99 is pretty cool" and they'll want to talk to you because they see someone who is comfortable chilling doing they're own thing! What sort of stuff do you like writing about? How does it make you feel when you're really getting into a groove with one of your stories?

  4. You said you write short stories, maybe try writing them in a coffeeshop? When I worked on bar, I often would chat up the people who came regularly and did something like reading or writing (no intentionaly hitting on them, just trying to see what they are into). Fairly often I would see them be chatted up by other guests, sometimes it led to dates :) do you use dating apps? Maybe include that you're an introvert with adhd, some people dig neurodivergence and will reach out to you based on that. I included adhd, introversion and asd on my profile and got chatting with people similar to me, conversations went a lot further too lol

  5. But not one of the largest aid efforts in history the British got there in the middle of a world war, got it.

  6. Right, who cares if they kill millions of people by colonizing half of the world, looted 45 trillion pounds from India in 200 years, bring African People and make them slave. Few good things and they are good people, I got it.

  7. India has killed plenty of its fair share throughout history, are they bad too?

  8. Or if you ask the kings and rulers, they might have kill other kings in battle to rule, also Mughals kill and rule India over 1000 year and Britishers rule them for 200 years so don't lecture about India killed plenty...India never attack any other country to rule in History...You are History Porn right, go and do some research

  9. I uploaded this photo deliberately so people would know that in WW1 and WW2 no only Europeans are involved but also all the British colonial countries were too, and they die for the country which they can't even speak the language which is insane.

  10. Haha, it's fine buddy. It happens to everyone at some point time in their life.

  11. Omg that was beautiful. Chef's kiss

  12. I just wish it was longer so we could see at least a bit more at the end

  13. Ha bhai koi bhi sachai nhi hai...kashmiri pandits aese hi jhoot ka roo rhe ke movie ko dekhne ke baad. Sachai toh shikara ne dikhayi..Jagmohan ji ki Kitaab padh, us time ke kuch local kashmiri akhbaar bhi padh le na...Sachai or ghee kutto ko kabhi hajam nhi ho tah..or yeh movie Pura desh dekhega...or 200 Cr. Se bh jyada kamaega..Tum lagao burnol..

  14. Fun fact - it's not Supreme Court's job to find out the truth, thier job is to judge the case with the facts made available to them, so isn't it possible that a lot of truth and facts has been concealed and not came out at all bro?

  15. I don't know if you are dumb but by saying fun fact and writing bullshit doesn't make it fact bro...supreme court has all the power to make committee and give the final decision after checking all the facts that's why people of India believe in Supreme Court..and after bjp government left in 2004, the chamchas government was in power, ofcourse they will try everything to make modi guilty but the supreme court give clean chit to him..and now think what you write.

  16. I don't know what MAKES YOU MORE dumb not knowing the facts and coming here or knowing the facts and still coming here and speaking shit.

  17. Now I know why you are stupid and not have ability to stick to the fact..supreme court kisi ka sagaa nhi hai..modi se pehle 10 saal congress hi tha...supreme court give orders against any government regardless what ideology they follow.

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