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  1. I'm watching Disney's Strange World, I'm going to come back to this comment to say whether it's a good movie in my opinion.

  2. I'm curious since it won't play here where I live. Some hardcore Disney fans liked it but a lot of movie critics didn't.

  3. I'm probably gonna get downvoted, but the whole "Shuri becoming MCU Black Panther is so weird and random / Nakia should be MCU Black Panther instead" stance always felt weird and random in itself, considering Shuri's comic history. Always felt like a lot of people were just using the idea of Shuri becoming BP as outlandish to voice discontent over Letitia Wright herself.

  4. I thought each tribe worships different gods? Or is it just the Jabaris who worship Hanuman instead of Bast?

  5. But it’s also a Doctor Strange movie. Nightmare can be one-and-done before Chthon appears later.

  6. So you want her to be manipulated by Nightmare then again by Chthon? So all her appearances in MCU be her getting controlled by different people?

  7. I don’t think anything could’ve saved that script but at least we would’ve had something cool to look at. And a movie called “Multiverse of Madness” would’ve actually utilized that title, instead of going to 2 different versions of New York. Fucking wild

  8. You're saying it as if most of these concept arts wasn't for the quick multiversal jumps they made before landing to the Illuminati world

  9. You will mostly face bots while starting out. If they don't emote, assume it's a bot.

  10. I played against a guy who thought he was real clever with his planned wong/WTiger/Odin deck

  11. I still consistently use move decks, I can't rise up quickly but at least even on some unluckiest days I can still maintain my level

  12. I’m being sarcastic. Imagine critising without context

  13. The deck I've been spamming for three days has enchantress and juggernaut in it, Wong is no great challenge to me. Cosmo, tho... and deathwave...

  14. Cosmo is more annoying tbh, I use move decks now all the time since it's flexible and unpredictable and Cosmo take away my win most of the time

  15. Playing more =/= more credits. Play smarter to finish daily mission, event mission, and for leveling up.

  16. Looking forward to seeing how M’Baku is handled as king. Whether he stars in Black Panther 3 or has his own Disney+ show. Winston Duke has killed it in the role

  17. I kinda want him to also take the herb as the king and create a new line of Wakandan guardians

  18. I follow that account before NWH's premiere, they are not scoopers.

  19. When is the next scooper voting thing takes place? I need the unreliable ones banned

  20. So this movie makes almost the same number as what Black Adam made so far for the opening weekend. Why are people still negative about it? However bad it will do, it'd still be much better than Black Adam, a fellow superhero movie with far more popular casts than this.

  21. A sequel to a $1.3b movie that's getting amazing reviews and is apart of the MCU is outperforming a C-list DC antihero in a critically panned DCEU film? Well fuck me who could've predicted that one? Stop moving the goalposts guys, you can't on one hand brag about how dominant and unstoppable the MCU is and how hated the DCEU is and then hold them to the same standards like they're equals.

  22. I don't brag about how it does, I'm just questioning why are people so harsh on how this movie performed especially since no superhero movie this year has even crossed 1 bil

  23. Haven’t seen the movie: Was there a reference in it to the character’s connection to Shazam?

  24. They said "Shazam!" multiple times in the movie and the same source of power and all that

  25. Wanda has an MCU variant, with Civil War trenchcoat and Wandavision tiara. They kinda just smashed her outfits together

  26. Sarah Paulson or Jessica Lange need to come to the MCU

  27. Your situation I'm afraid of the most lol. Now I just play for missions and stop when it seems like I'm losing consecutively

  28. Play safe I guess? Just stack those ongoing cards. Idk I'm stuck in 65 too lol

  29. More witches the better! And if they can afford it maybe some subtle cameos from witches of other TV shows?

  30. Game glitched for me too. Googleplay charged me 3 times but received nothing.

  31. Wow 3 times?? I only got through the payment once and for the rest I got the error pop up. Hope we'll get it fixed soon!

  32. Charles Murphy links are noteworthy, as he cautions he doesn't believe the Doom rumor even as he's saying it. That nuance gets lost on fans.

  33. No, but I believe he's the most reliable one on that list. Most of the others are pretty sketch.

  34. Well bottom line is it's not just made up out of nowhere. Some people clearly planted the rumor, regardless which of those you think are reliable

  35. My theory is that they introduce Billy and Teddy as a pre-existing couple or have them get together shortly into the series. This is mostly based on the leaked casting call, which indicates that Teddy has a boyfriend. So maybe Billy is starting to harness his magic and Teddy is just his (seemingly) human love interest who is unaware of his heritage and doesn't get any plots of his own. They could delve into the alien stuff later. I really don't think it's a stretch that he would be thrown in as a package deal with Billy.

  36. Personally I don't want the couple just appear all of the sudden without any story on how they fall in love. But that's just me as a gay person who is kinda disappointed with what Marvel's been doing so far.

  37. I would love to see the story of them falling in love, but I wouldn't be surprised if they were just already a couple. When they were introduced in 2005's Young Avengers they were just heavily hinted to be a couple until about halfway through the run when they were confirmed as one without any background on how they got together. It wasn't until last year's The Last Annihilation one-shot that we saw flashbacks of them falling in love.

  38. Yep and that's not preferrable to me. At that time yes, it's groundbreaking. But now, eh.

  39. They rewrite an entire story, put an anti-vax actor as it’s lead, kills T’Challa offscreen after one solo movie and other minor appearances, all to “honor” Chadwick.

  40. If Ross isn't back solely as Red Hulk then this is all for media play, which isn't surprising tbh.

  41. Great! None of what they've been putting is bad, but all of them could've done much more if given more time both production and film duration wise imo.

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