1. 90% of country has no clue about any of this

  2. Evil. Wake up sick every day thinking about the tolerated child abuse going on right now in our society. A part of me kind of hopes the blue state governors bring masks back and all the red don’t but that lesson being learnt isn’t worth kids suffering.

  3. Damn didn’t think I’d spend the second half of my life fighting communism but here we go.

  4. Jeez, his opinions on "cancel culture", social Media and all that stuff... He's become such an old man.

  5. Except he’s spot on. Most people agree with him They’re just too scared to say it.

  6. Silence from the left and leader of the “free world.”

  7. I swore something was off with the vocals but when I played for some other Morrissey fans they said it sounded fine. Glad to know I’m not crazy.

  8. Masking now is the equivalent of some neurotic parent screaming “DO SOMETHING.” Your kids are extra sick because of masking and shutdowns you morons.

  9. We had a chance to chastise this feckless admin who doesn’t give a shit about us this election and we failed to. So expect them to continue shrugging off things Americans actually need.

  10. You can’t believe anything this guy says so what’s the point of even reading it.

  11. You blew it AZ. Lake would have been an amazing Gov. she would have been the next Desantis and been hugely popular. Blake was a smart and pro-AZ candidate who would have done a lot to shake up WA. Really sad to see this outcome.

  12. This guy was political and partisan from day one. Lying jerk

  13. Cannot stand how every single argument is just dismissed by the left as a “conspiracy theory.” Then you post literal evidence it isn’t and they just ignore it. It’s infuriating. Like debating with intellectual toddlers.

  14. Not like the sound of breathing issues? Do u have an oximeter in the house

  15. Seems to have passed. Just a little winded when taking a breath.

  16. How long for body to adjust. Went up 10 mg to 20mg and I’m still wrecked a week and a half later.

  17. Just a reminder that his lying sociopath actually got on television and told American citizens to wear TWO masks and goggles and then reportedly (if you believe some second hand witness accounts) was laughing about it later.

  18. Reminder that cutting off your natural breathing mechanism (masking) and not letting exposure happen naturally is what made all these things worse. So the lunatics that caused this are now telling us to do it again.

  19. Cannot believe history is repeating itself again. We learn nothing

  20. Pharma doesn’t consider it a waste. They get richer and richer

  21. They are going to sell it as something great people will lap it up.

  22. Maybe "destroying the fossil fuel industry" as the Biden administration promised to do on the campaign trail, and has been doing since he took office, wasn't such a good plan.

  23. Oh well. Voters don’t care. Just elected a bunch of politicians that want to continue down this course. Enjoy food shortages and insane pricing assholes

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