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  1. The 478 Squad - This week, Claire and Lizzy talk crafts, from accidental bleach tie dye to mini wooden houses made from popsicle sticks. Later we share song lyrics we got wrong for years like Frankie Valli’s My Eyes Adored You.

  2. I discovered it back in 1989 and I go back at least once a year.

  3. As someone who was there literally yesterday, it never looks like this. Where is the fog?

  4. This was taken on Thursday, July 14th. It was a beautiful sunny day.

  5. That doesn’t look burnt to me. Beautiful!

  6. That looks very good! Nice lattice work :-)

  7. Thank you. This is maybe the 6th time I’ve done a lattice crust. I’m a novice.

  8. Would be really fun to hide a few goose eggs nearby and then tell these guys that you lost your dinosaur eggs.

  9. I might go to “lose” a couple things and give them a call.


  11. Are there any tricks to types of oils or how oils are used to get it to crisp? And in combination with how much heat?

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