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  1. Really? Are you on pro? I’ve always had it on my watchlist.

  2. no just normal coinbase. i also never had the Review option that you have, so i don't know why there are differences. lol

  3. I wouldn't say it's sad to see you guys go but can you just silently go instead of adding to the FUD. if your business here is done, why are you still posting and replying and upvoting? Please just go spend your time in coins or investments you think would make you money and no broken promises.

  4. Didn't do much of a roll tbh lol, I didn't fomo in I had been planning on buying right from the start but was waiting to see if the gas prices would go down, everything is down your right it's a crypto blood bath right now lol but Robo is always down, big burns would most definitely help

  5. yeah it was always lower than ATH because whales started selling off before bitmart started. bitmart started because people like you who keep fudding kept demanding LISTING THIS LISTING THAT IT WILL HELP PRICE BLAHBLAHBLAH. and what happened? did price go back to ATH?

  6. The average person has over a trillion tokens, it's like the devs don't want to push to get the price up because they know people with over 1 trillion will just sell and make major profits, it really is a pipe dream, I was all for rbif but have sold most of my bag at a loss as I don't want to be a part of false hope but keeping a little just incase they get the finger out and actually do something

  7. IMO you have more than enough SHIB. BONE you can probably add more, round it off to 1k BONE, or add some RBIF to the mix.

  8. If you add to Shib. I would keep the 1 billion and put it in a wallet to prevent you from selling it. Get the key for that wallet and put it in a safe and delete the wallet. Unless you just have perfect disapline. Anything added sell at a point where you are happy with the profit.

  9. Anyone who DMs you about airdrop or whatever that deals with your wallet, is a scammer.

  10. are you kidding? bones don't bite money. they don't even bite. cmon

  11. Hop off my fat cock pussyyyyyyy, I just typed one word, quit stalking me groupie

  12. when things don't seem to add up, check your wallet address in etherscan to confirm if your coins are still there and there were no suspicious transactions.

  13. 6 years later and many of the TWD actors are voicing the Invincible characters!

  14. Things aren't supposed to look good overall. Just whales getting people's hopes up.

  15. Maann, I just want my hard earned $17 to turn into $899,999. Why do you have to rain on my parade bro?

  16. TA's have been useless for a while now, just DCA or whatever you gotta do to survive.

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