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When you come across a feel-good thing.

  1. What would a 33 year old have in common with an 18 year old? The power-dynamic, the secrecy... All red flags. I think you might just be infatuated at the moment but take a step back and really evaluate the weirdness of it all.

  2. Everyone already covered anything I would have said about how to handle it. I just wanted to say that theres no way some teenage kid has more to offer than an adult. She has some weird sex addiction and kink for boys. It has nothing to do with you lacking in any way. Its all *her* problem. Shes probably some kind of narcissist doing all this crap, doing what shes doing TO you and WITH some kids.

  3. Weight gain is often because of depression and anxiety, not because someone just likes pie too much. Overeating and overdrinking are to cope with bad emotions.

  4. why on earth would he go and do a thing like that

  5. no. and i have been in a lot of relationships and i could probably say no to every one.

  6. for one thing, there are different entities. some lie. some don't. and yes many ask them questions like these but the answers aren't guaranteed to be even lucid, or true...

  7. Cringing over things makes me cringe

  8. I’m going through the same thing. My partner is moving away by the the end of the year because he is not happy living in this city. He wants me to move with him, but I just can’t. I have free healthcare for another two years, and I’m trying to at least get my associates degree before I think of moving anywhere. By December, we will have been together for five years. He’s my best friend and he is pretty much the only person I have. I’m worried that once he leaves, I’m going to fall apart. Life is really tough it’s even harder when you don’t have a support system.

  9. And now I am crying. My boyfriend from Peru has lived here in the US ten years and he told me that he will return to peru, then move to bolivia, to retire... this fall. He told me that I can go with him but I have no experience living in south america, and if I go I lose my job, my pet, everything. I can't recover any of it. If things didn't work out in this mysterious (to me) place, living off grid in the middle of the countryside... I would have nothing to return to...

  10. being corrected when you say something wrong isn't so bad. being constantly corrected by the same person in one conversation is annoying as fuck. if i am going to be talking with you and half of what i say has to be scrutinized it is not worth my time to try to converse anymore. it's just exhausting at that point.

  11. exactly... it is a drain when its constant. and when i deal with them, it will often be topics they literally know nothing about but things i have taken the time to understand... it seems like some tick they have to disagree without even thinking first

  12. Ah. A person with correctile dysfunction.

  13. Na, maybe more reserved in expressing them than some other types, not as reserved in expressing feelings as the ntjs tho.

  14. I refuse to indulge in regret because the past cannot be changed. It happened. All I can do is move forward.

  15. I don't think that I took to the socialization throughout my lifetime and it certainly made me a weird outsider, but I don't care. I would rather not be indoctrinated by a set of arbitrary values by a society. So I am cool with it. But here is what I have found: at the fringes of society you will mostly meet people who do not accept it about themselves. I remember one time one of them referred to "us" as "a couple of society's throwaways" and it pi**ed me off to realize that he was one of those who wanted all that... I was very disappointed. Most of the time they are like strays who want society to take them in and validate them. I have found plenty of odd, cool friends who I like and who like me though. But most people are not for me.

  16. Its very difficult for me to learn about something I am not genuinely interested in, and my interests are bizarre. I can share a lot of knowledge about a few things but I feel like its useless things. And then I feel like theres still someone with more knowledge and more accurate than me anyway. So, I don't think of myself as academic or intellectual particularly -- just an eccentric weirdo who can talk pretty in depth about fringe topics. Some people think of me as being very intelligent, but others think I'm a dumbfk. *shrug*

  17. If you have a history of sleep paralysis *maybe* it was that, if not, then maybe it was actually something paranormal. There are different philosophies - some would say these things are demons and "bad" but others might say that as long as you are grounded in your spirit body the encounters with them can't hurt you and you can overcome personal demons by not reacting in a fearful way to them.

  18. They are real. House I used to live in when I was younger with my parents, I'd see them. It was a weird area with lots of strange energies in the lowlands of sc - swampy.

  19. Could even be a guardian spirit looking out for you and not necessarily a "ghost"

  20. Considering several other people who have lived in this boarding house have experienced a variety of things, including but not at all limited to stuff getting in their bed, I don’t think it’s my imagination lol

  21. At this point, im jealous. You've got harem of ghosts who cuddle you :c

  22. Bro, this shit is terrifying. While reading this I kept thinking you were stuck in some sort of time loop and were going to be caught by some sort of fae. Fae aren’t the beautiful friendly little flying fairies you see in the movies.. No, they will kidnap you. They will kidnap you and people will never see you again! They will make you work for them forever! I’m glad you got out alive. Whatever is in that forest is not to be messed with

  23. I also think fae for sure. They can manifest as anything they want and make whatever noises and enjoy intimidating us in the woods, or just observing, or a variety of things and who even knows how they really think...

  24. Yeah. It would work. In one story I read a woman had remembered this happening when she was a little girl and her grandfather got them back to this dimension by lighting up a cigar he carried on their country strolls... she said he had told her about the interdimensionals and stuff but she thought he was joking until that day. Everything around them changed as they walked down the path and he casually Lit the cigar like he wasn't even afraid...

  25. I found this sub today and many of the suggested explanations for missing persons fit a story I was told as a kid by my father. The linked story is a legend from my hometown (Inverness).

  26. I'm so pleased to see more people making the fae connection in the bizarre disappearances. I have been thinking so for years. After reading about the details of so many weird missing persons cases I was reminded of fae lore, then read a few books and some stuff online to brush up on my knowledge and I swear the details are so similar between fae encounters/abductions and the weird cases that go on today. I think these interdimensionals have always been here along side us. I even think from various things I have read from indigenous peoples beliefs, that we and the fae are connected

  27. Do you have any links to read up about the fae? I keep seeing references to them today and cant find info aside from wikipedia like sources and links to fan art or video games

  28. monsters by john greer is pretty good for explaining how they are a different type of entity than others. google ultraterrestrials maybe... i also read a bunch of collections of faerie stories from various books for stuff like that. interdimensionals is another term you could use. theres also a faerie almanac on the internet somewhere that has a load of fae encounter stories... look up, "elemental spirits" too... some classfications of fae: gnomes, undines, sylphs and salamanders

  29. So basically her personality sucks because "shes shallow," but because shes hot, you, a DeEp EdGy InTeLlEcTuAl guy likes her anyway... Seems pretty shallow, ironically, but ok whatever makes your wounded ego feel better about the fact that she won't be with you.

  30. You deserve more than to be a toy in a toy chest for some married sex addict. Don't be used by him. Disengage and don't look back.

  31. As someone who has had to go no contact with people in the past, I would very much advise you not to send something to a person who has decided to go no contact. It will only piss them off, put them off more, and show them that they were right for going no contact cause you can't respect their boundaries... let it go.

  32. Someone could use a person who is limerent for attention and validation without any plan to follow through and give you anything at all, leaving you strung out. Disengage but don't lose a job over some guy.

  33. Way too much. When you approach, keep it casual and be confident. Absolutely do not express insecurities and give too much detail. Ask to hang out, something no pressure...

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