1. Just say my favorite book is call me by your name… just kidding, yeah it’s a hard situation. I’d say there is no rush, if you try to pressure him things will go wrong, and if he tries to pressure you, things will go wrong. Earnest healthy love is okay with taking time to develop, and it’s okay to say, let’s just keep spending time together without any expectations for the other person. It’s also okay to back out and to let him back out, and if it ever becomes not okay, then you know it’s definitely time to end the relationship. That’s just my advice, do with it as you please.

  2. Haha that’s a great book by the way! I agree there’s no rush to it, as dumb as I am I wouldn’t dive into anything head first and I’m definitely the type that likes to let things marinate and develop over time. At this point I’m just going with the flow, whatever happens, happens I guess. I definitely hope we’ll continue being good friends because I really just enjoy the friendship but we’ve both acknowledged the elephant in the room and we’ve discussed it a few times, we try not to make it the topic of every conversation but it gets brought up every now and then. Thank you for your advice! I like the way you worded that and I’ve been trying to keep that exact mindset but I’m just bad at putting things into words, so you’ve perfectly explained that for my brain to absorb and take note from! <3

  3. I do love that book a great deal. I brought it to my private Christian school using a different book cover and read it during class. Problem was when the bell rang and I couldn’t get out of the desk without embarrassing myself. Good memories. I wish you nothing but the best :)

  4. I think the whole rhetoric of disability “trapping” Ricky is kind of Yikes, as well as the whole “oh in the afterlife he’s magically cured” when evidently that doesn’t extend to everyone as Constance still needs glasses. Actually, the way they handle his character all around is pretty Yikes. I definitely think disabled actors should be cast as Ricky. There’s such a dearth of roles for people who aren’t able bodied in theatre, ESPECIALLY musical theatre.

  5. That’s a really good point of saying he was the only person that was “cured.” I hadn’t thought of it through that lens (pun intended in reference to the glasses?). Thanks for your input.

  6. you guys have no idea what it's like to be told you can't audition or don't deserve to be in the room because you're disabled...

  7. No, I don’t; but if it’s anything like getting fired from multiple jobs from having seizure-like panic attacks and having close friends closely start distancing themselves from you after they see how you are different from you, being told you can’t be a part of a group because they want to keep their members safe, and ending up feeling like your body’s natural capability are not good enough to keep up in the culture around you, I have a fragment of an idea, and I deeply care about others who are going through anything like what I go through. Then when you add on that people who don’t understand you or your struggles write as if they do and that’s the representation that people recognize when you say you have panic attacks when it’s nothing near, That’s why I want people’s feedback. I want to make sure I can honor other people’s worldviews and make sure I can show respect where I need to. I’m sorry genuinely for any pain I might have caused you.

  8. It's easily the best movie musical in my opinion. But I get it.

  9. I definitely think Sound of Music is high up there, because it kinda made the musical what it is today. Also Cabaret and Hairspray are also amazing adaptations for completely different reasons. I’d love to hear your reasoning for liking that adaptation in particular

  10. To me is the cinematography, the acting and the feel of it being an epic movie first and then musical second.

  11. Yeah, I think sound of music is certainly a different type of film, using much longer takes like you mentioned, and to me the acting really suits the genre of movie it is. What I don’t think you might credit, is all of what the movie added to the musical. I mean, the soundtrack to the movie of musical numbers is only 45 minutes on Spotify, but the movie runs about 3 hours. That’s about an hour more than the stage musical when I was in it.

  12. I actually would really recommend Death of a Salesman. I’ve heard just amazing things about it, although I’ve heard the audience can be not amazing some nights. Just an alternative choice, I under if you want another musical. If you do, I would also say, it’s offbroadway, but A Man of No Importance has a pretty killer score, and it would probably be a bit cheaper and a more interesting show to see than some others on your list. Again, just a thought, you don’t have to pay it any mind.

  13. Since it’s co-produced by Shakespeare Theater Company, Two gentleman makes the most sense of your guesses to me!

  14. The time of my life from salad days is always an easy go-to to showcase a higher register and vocal dexterity if you want to show off. If that’s not the point, just ask them to pick a song for you so that if people ask you can just say, yeah she’s making me sing this song I didn’t choose it.

  15. A musical kinda forgotten by a lot of people is Salad Days. It was the longest running show before My Fair Lady, which isn’t saying much really, but it’s just a very fun musical from the UK. I mean, it has no real reason for existing, doesn’t have some broad moral to it, it’s just a really fun score with some incredible opportunities for a skilled vocalist to have a ball. If you listen to the 1954 version on Spotify you can get the full story by just listening, which is also really helpful.

  16. fosca from passion was me for about 3 years. Grown out of her, but I still recognize her sometimes.

  17. I think there’s an element of both Fosca and Clara in all of us when we’re new to romantic relationships

  18. I definitely agree. It breaks my heart the story of the man yelling “Die Fosca Die” during previews.

  19. I’m listening to Salad Days, The Blue Flower, and Damn Yankees right now, and it’s been very helpful to just keep me distracted.

  20. Sam Mendes’s by FAR. Depending on the direction of the production your company is doing it might not be the most helpful in studying however. His production cast people who could act over people who could sing, so what you get is a very high concept musical executed to near perfection of surrealist theatre, bringing to light a lot of nuanced commonly missed in the script if interpreted as a comedy. I really think Bobby is the most grounded in reality within scene in that production. I think 2006 version has a clearer throughline for the character, but I definitely some of the choices the 95 version made in his character and how he interacts with the world. I would be interested to hear why you don’t like it as much as other productions. I do understand it is vastly different, but I think it is a very interesting production to study.

  21. I think what mainly turned me off was that the vocals were way below the other versions. Although I do get what you mean about the acting being higher quality.

  22. well, yeah.. the vocals are not normal broadway vocals to say the least..

  23. "Conflict" is a basic component of a story, but it's not a literary device. A "literary device" refers to the ways the text (that is, the words present on the page) create figures in the reader's mind by communicating more than the literal meaning of the words.

  24. I actually would argue that what you are referring to in the first paragraph more accurately is described as a poetic device, or how an artists chooses the particular words for a message. The term literary device certainly encompass this, but I certainly think that it is not bound by that strict definition. I could, obviously, be wrong.

  25. You're not "wrong" you're just underestimating "poetry" - before there was fiction there was poetry. Before there was "theater" they called it poetry. Poetry is making art with language. The whole field was referred to as "poetics" before it was "literary studies."

  26. so, what is your distinction between the two definitions of “literary device” amd “formal literary device” be then? What would you say the difference between literary devices and poetic devices would ne?

  27. Just to note, ADD is an outdated term according to APA. Kinda disillusioned me a couple weeks ago when I found out, but thought this might be a good place to share.

  28. I think to be completely honest, that hadestown has kinda lost some of what made it so good as it has progressed. I do think the music is very good, and disagree with you on equating similarities to other music to being uninteresting music, because I think the score for hadestown started out super compelling, especially as the genre of folk convivial singing in the context of a musical. I really like some of the instrumentations in the live recording in particular.

  29. I think by AI they mean Artificial Intelligence. Like a computer just spat out the show.

  30. If I could train a computer to write a show it probably would resemble a lot more like Tootsie than Hadestown.. WAIT, did I actually type that? Did I actually hit send?

  31. I know we just had one, but I want a transfer of the London revival of Cabaret

  32. I do not want cabaret to transfer because if it does I’m going to be broke from the road-trip to go see it afterwards. I can justify my unrequited love if there is an ocean between us.

  33. (I'm not sure what that means ("Indeed, u [deleted] 🥸🤹‍♀️💸🪜"), and I didn't delete anything. Ah, well . . . .)

  34. No, that was my attempt at humor! See, I am not very good at this whole textual humor thing…

  35. LOL. Have a good rest of the evening, or early hours . . . .

  36. you as well. Alas, it seems it is turning into an all-nighter.

  37. Not all art is for everyone. Just because art is not easily accessible for every single person does not mean it is not good art. This post is simply poiting out an inaccessiblity of the show. That does not make the audience a worse audience. That does nor make the show a worse show. Just means its a bad fit. Not every show has to be intended for every person. Not every person has to be intended for every show. Pointing out these kind of things in the form of trigger warnings does not devalue any side of the rhetorical triangle, but simply acknowledges them.

  38. Have the time machine go to the 60s please. Much better music :)

  39. I know gay people are within the mainstream now, but as a gay Christian, I really love Bare a Pop Opera. The show never says religion is bad, and I really admire that because other shows like the prom take that stance. Bare feels like the most nuanced approach to that subject a musical had done so far.

  40. Yeah, I was gonna say Falsettos was the first time I saw (or heard, because I had only listened to the OBCR before the 2016 revival) gay Jews on stage. Which is ironic since so stereotypically (and somewhat true to life) musical theatre is written and performed by so many gay Jews...

  41. Yess! And that’s another one that I feel properly respects religious identities as well as sexually-orientated identities, which i didn’t even put together until you mentioned it!

  42. I like it better like this, as being deliberately deflating. Hadestown already begins by telling audiences it's an old and sad song and we sing it anyway -- it's obviously playing with Brechtian theatre and audience alienation in parts. So ending with WWBTW keeps the tone wry and self-aware, that there's no great respite going from the hopeful swell of Wait for Me into intermission. No breathers! Only a grim inevitable march toward tragedy!

  43. dave malloy went up to jesus i think. i don’t think a lot of those songs are on the internet though

  44. I just want to extend my help and let them know that I’m here to help and hopefully have them feel better. I’m sorry if it came off in another way, I just don’t think any human in the world should endure suffering like this. I want people to be happy, and I want to try to have people be happy if they’re willing to talk to me. Apologies if I offended in some way.

  45. No, honestly, it just comes from a place of resentment if anything, just some people who have used that exact wording to me follow it up by not being able to validate any of my emotions and usually end up making myself feel ashamed of the way my body and mind react to things. The wording just threw me off, I kinda understand you were just trying to help.

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