1. The entire mars agenda is compromised because NASA keeps releasing footage that obviously contains objects from Earth that they didn't discover in the photos.

  2. These people just like musk's are clearly all actors, and not even good ones. "Woohoo we launched the 10 thousandth metal tube into the air since 1940! I'm so emotional I'm going to cry!"

  3. Hi. It is hilarious watching those phonies jump and cheer each other, just like they did with the Fake Moon Landing.

  4. Hi. They are one part of a very large organized worldwide NWO scam to misinform, mislead, and ultimately enslave human minds.

  5. I have not read this until now. Thanks for posting this spectacular article by Cameron Day :)

  6. Here is some video of someone allegedly levitating

  7. This is exactly it. I wish I’d read and internalized this before they came after me.

  8. The so called world "out there" has enslaved its observers. The reason is; humans think objects are solid and have independent existence from observation.

  9. The X Files creator Chris Carter was a Secret Society initiate who leaked what would happen on 911, before it ever happened.

  10. I have very vivid dreams of taking super-long "jumps" - floating fairly slowly over many metres and then gently landing before starting the next "jump". The higher the jump, the shorter was the horizontal distance I travelled. I remember clearly thinking in these dreams that it cannot be that difficult to fly.

  11. Hi. The type of jump/running you describe a very real Ancient Ability.

  12. Excellent. Feel free to share your ongoing discoveries on the subject.

  13. Submission Statement: The Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico has long been a hotbed for a large amount of clearly seen UFO sightings, even though it is highly active. Now a mountain rescue team claims it has witnessed giant creatures climbing up the slopes of the mountain faster than humanly possible.

  14. I've been reading about the archons in the nag hamadi codices

  15. Hi. Check out my post history for significant ongoing research on The Archons.

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