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  1. I take pictures of the weird shit and share them with the group chat so my friends can laugh or cringe at them with me. 打

  2. My group chat has become nothing but product reviews for my work days lol

  3. Lmao, my husband picks me up from my overnight shift so i usually say no to VTO because i don't wanna pay for a Lyft of take the bus (it's like an hour commute if i do)

  4. My day has been blessed with Eleven , thank u little one you are adorable

  5. Thank you! She's pretty cool. One time she got out of her cage (still no clue how) while we were cooking & my wife says, there goes your hog. As she scurried across the floor underneath our entertainment center. Crafty hog

  6. My bun likes pill bottles lol, the orange kind. I safely remove the label and wash em before she gets to run away with them

  7. They're grazing animals just like cows, meaning that if you put food in front they will eat lol. Mine likes to follow me around when it gets close to dinner time even if she was just napping before

  8. It's still a holiday meal... Just with extra steps 不不不

  9. What Amazon secuirty gonna do to someone with a firearm? Haha, shit at most all they can do is call the actual police and or throw their shoes at em. Lol

  10. It's so dumb lol. At my site we have vto being handed out like is candy on Halloween and then the one week we have only one VCR working for all 4 floors everyone is radio silent like... It would make sense now that we are literally sitting doing nothing for hours at a time

  11. Im having a very hard time thinking of a possible 4th. I think you got the nail on the nose.

  12. Our training was overnight (same as our shift) and the room was freezing so literally about 80% of the people were sleeping. Second day was better since we got assigned to our future roles and did some shadowing... Third day we just got told to do our job lol

  13. I have ADHD so it depends on the workload, if I have boxes I'm kinda lazy not gonna lie but you give me reactives and tell me they're due in an hour all I can say is "you fool! You've activated my trap card" and proceed to stow like my life depends on it

  14. I have a business adm. degree but the catch is I'm an international waiting for my green card LOL. I was fortunate enough to get hired at my fc tho, no one else was following up on my applications which was very discouraging

  15. I actually really like Orihime, although she can be a bit much sometimes she is nice, very loyal, and has funny moments as well as deep meaningful ones. Her coming out of her shell and training to get stronger even though her strengths aren't just punching stuff is just a great way to show that everyone is different and we all have different things we do well.

  16. Sheeeeesh my warehouse has only one exit turnpike sometimes because the scanner don't work on the other one from time to time lol

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