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  1. Right? What the fuck is wrong with these people?

  2. Welcome everyone... now let's make sure we all can afford a place to live!

  3. Pope said the same, although a little quietly iirc

  4. Is this really a corner for him? I mean, is it really, or is it some fanciful interpretation of a legal problem that doesn’t exist? Because his consistency of messaging has never been something he cares about and nobody voting for him gives a shit.

  5. Yup. The people who vote for him do not see a conflict between those two positions. Simple: "well he didn't get to serve the second term, so it didn't count". If you've ever tried to argue with a three year old this should be a very predictable position. And it's not even really a bad argument if you accept the mountains of horseshit it's predicated on.

  6. I always wonder what they expected to happen even if he did.

  7. Thanks for the post. I was hoping he might talk a bit about how he thinks about writing melodies and so forth. No such luck, but still fascinating.

  8. This is basically the thing. The USA is basically the sole superpower. If you tally things up, even aside from it's military influence, it's the economic hegemon too. American-tied economies make up more than half the global GDP. That may change over the next couple generations, but for all the fuss about China, it's a distant second in global economic influence once you look beyond national figures, never mind China has a much large population for that economy to be serving. And those associated nations aren't going anywhere with how reliant they are on US military power.

  9. But to be fair, the internal threats are pretty serious...

  10. The article doesn't mention it but Elon's second comment "to help mend the fault in our stars" is in reference to the novel "The Fault in our Stars"

  11. Which is originally from a Shakespeare reference, IIRC

  12. Canadian bureaucracy is a powerful drag. I was looking into setting up a legal grow operation for a while, it's nuts. You basically have to have everything set up and built out before you can really complete your application... if you then don't get approved, you're totally fucked.

  13. This sort of article isn't putting you off? The growers are saying it is not profitable.

  14. It's not putting me off only because I decided a few years ago that the margins we're too thin and it wouldn't be worth the risk ;)

  15. Many's a slip twixt a cup and a lip, hopefully he gets some nice hot tea soon, the kind that glows in the dark.

  16. Hi! I'm plugging my own tune, I hope it's fine! It's a rather experimental piece for me, as I've never produced any electronic music before, let alone microtonal music. The concept is to have the same division of the measure as that of the octave (so here, 29x29) to make "squares". I'm planning to produce some more.

  17. This is very cool and the drums are great.

  18. Spectral Suite kafuffle was a ploy to bump up their subreddit stats.

  19. Can you clarify fizz-out? I have issues with my M1 MacBook too.

  20. Audio hiccups of a sort. Reminds me of the fizzy sound you get when you cut the power to certain power amps, and they still try for a second or two to drive the speaker.

  21. Yeah that's kinda different to my problem, tracking down problems with specific plugins as sibling commenter suggests is probably a good idea.

  22. It's because the nature of these new features: they're containers, they couldn't be implemented as CLAP plugins, they're designed to contain other plugins. They're really part of the core Bitwig program in such a fundamental way that they couldn't have been released as VSTs or CLAP, AFAICT from looking at the clap spec. It's really the worst thing they could have chosen to pretend is an "add-on".

  23. My mom's favourite. Had he been as pretty as his friend, Elvis, he would've been as popular or more so. He had a superior voice and songwriting ability.

  24. Superior voice is questionable. Superior range maybe. Different and also amazing would be how I would describe it.

  25. Heyo, computer/music nerd here. I don't have much experience with Logic but I do know a lot about DAWs - if you get stuck feel free to shoot me a DM, happy to chat with ya!

  26. Maybe I haven't read enough of pkd but to me he's one of the very few popular sci-fi writers who can actually write. Ubik, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, A Scanner Darkly, the VALIS trilogy, Man in the High Castle...even his short stories are well-written.

  27. Arthur C Clarke is IMO one of the best writers in sci-fi.

  28. Yeah, I'm in the same boat as you, to be honest. I read a lot of sci-fi when I was younger but eventually just stopped when I got tired of the thin characterization. Personally I'd put ACC above Asimov for that specifically, but to each his own. I have been meaning to read some more of the authors you mention, so your recommendation might push me over the edge. Thanks!

  29. Usually a decapitation strike is proposed to remove the brains of your opposition.

  30. More of a colonoscopy strike?

  31. Thanks for the response! that's a legitimate option, maybe I'll do something like that. I guess I don't really understand the point of having my face on there, it's just a face, it's not that interesting!

  32. Not a native speaker; what does his use of 'pronounce' mean in this context?

  33. Sort of like "passing judgement". Officially making a statement.

  34. Fuck it man, do what you want. What better time than now?

  35. Ok, somebody explain to this moron here. Is 226k not the highest number on the list? Is this not a good thing?

  36. I made the same mistake; we’re not the top purple, we’re the bottom maroon-y colour

  37. Thank you - impossible to tell on the phone...

  38. I think you got the 16 and 8 backwards.

  39. "When conservatives realize they can no longer win Democratic elections, they will not abandon conservatism. They will abandon Democracy."

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