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  1. Why? Need a listening ear? Or just need to heap more abuse on me? Go right ahead, i can take it.

  2. Is it? Seems like you're not self aware. Hmm.

  3. The barracks were better for them. There was literally no space on the island to house any one. It’s packed worse than Tokyo.

  4. Bullshit. Tokyo has a population density of 6,158 per square kilometer. Martha's has a population density of 179.8. Tokyo is more then 30 times more crowded.

  5. Because I don’t think you should fuck dead people I’m a fake lib?

  6. Lib means not interfering with other people's choices, as long as those choices hurt no person. If the (soon to be) dead person consented, no damage is done, and interfering with that makes you auth.

  7. Find me one will that’s ever been written that requests their corpse be skull fucked and I’ll agree with you.

  8. There's one poster in this very thread saying they would do exactly that lmao. Not sure if joking... but there ARE people into necrophilia after all. And there ARE people who wish to be eaten by other people. Mad world we live in.

  9. I don't see what the big deal is- Having meat options doesn't take away vegan options lol. Same weird mental block anti vegan people have, like everyone is one salad away from banning all meat. Options are good, we should have them.

  10. For vegans, it's a holy crusade. They will not support any entity that participates in the exploitation of animals in any way.

  11. You think that women don't like sex as much as men due to the reaction YOU are getting in bed.

  12. You're missing the point though. I'm not sure why you're turning this into personal attacks. What i'm trying to get across, is that men like sex so much, they will take it even if the sex is bad.eanwhile, women only want the "good" sex. They are picky. Ergo, they don't like it enough.

  13. Men usually still orgasm during "bad sex". We do not. If I still orgasmed if the sex was bad, I wouldn't care if the sex was bad either.

  14. Haha that's true. We can reach the climax even with a completely non-responsive partner. I don't suppose women can do that if the man just lies there and does absolutely nothing? Guess that might be a huge contributing factor why men like sex so much more.

  15. Yeah... this is my exactly my point though. The problem is the country's crime rate. It's not like guys are safe either in such countries.

  16. As a guy who was outside in the dark on the street right now, I would respectfully disagree. People generally don't even look my way. But if I were a woman? I'd have cat calls just on my way to pick up dinner.

  17. Hmm how does that work? Robbers only rob women?

  18. What's the point of testing an accounts receivable to see if it's going to be paid if the receivable is from the government and the accounting standards literally say you aren't allowed to impair a government receivable?

  19. The point is that you have to show your working anyway. It's the working paper.

  20. You are a terrible auditor if you think your only job is to do what was done last year and not question why you are doing it.

  21. You're not listening. Like i said, it has nothing to do with "what was done last year". It's the working paper. It's CALLED the working paper for a reason, and it exists because EVERY audit assertion made has to be supported by the relevant working.

  22. Say you buy every bit of rhodium that exists and still got billions of dollars left. Someday your time runs out and you cant buy more time whatever you do. At least not yet.

  23. Exactly. At some point Rhodium runs out and you cant buy more whatever you do.

  24. If WBTC depegged, half of DeFi are done for. Most of you don't know how integral WBTC is to DeFi

  25. Is it possible to verify that BitGo still has 100% backing for WBTC? I'm not that familiar with BTC chain...

  26. Were they implicated in any of the other meltdowns? Luna? 3AC? Celsius? I don't recall them appearing.

  27. They never said they’ll sustain 20%. It was already 18% at the time of the crash with expectation to go down each month. Luna was shit for its peg algorithm, not Anchor

  28. True. Anchor just hastened the process by creating a lot of artificial (read:fake) demand for UST.

  29. Sure, big investment firms with rooms full of analysts missed the unknown whale.

  30. Sure. And i suppose you believe that the VCs are infallible gods who never make a mistake. The argument that the VCs bought in so it must be good is lazy and naive.

  31. Given how dismissive you were, i guesd the only proper reply is...

  32. Of course I'm being dismissive of someone telling me to go read another comment, lmao

  33. One is harder. What I’m saying is this isn’t even close to foolproof.

  34. True. Just like how it's possible to issue and sell counterfeit ethereum. There will always be people who are ignorant and gullible enough. If you're looking for a 100% foolproof method, i suspect the fix is not in software or hardware. We'll have to somehow cure stupidity itself.

  35. That’s essentially my point, plus counterfeit tech (just like any other illegal activity) is constantly evolving so if there is not constant combat from the development side it’s a moot point. Not to mention there exists a market where people want to buy counterfeit so they can have luxury at affordable prices

  36. I'd say if the buyer knowingly purchases a counterfeit on purpose, it's a victimless crime, and they can carry on. The luxury good merchant might argue that they are an injured party in such a case, but i say that the buyer was never going to be a customer in the first place if they had to pay the original price, hence there was no lost sales.

  37. My house had a $1M increase in assessed value for my property taxes this year. Imagine you're retired, on fixed income, and the area around your house has grown that expensive.

  38. It's a shot across the bow to other companies that try to do the same in the future.

  39. There already are some companies doing it. Nexo for example.

  40. Yeah I guess I don't understand the use case of NFTs with regard to promised utility. I guess I could see something like pre-selling event access (something that's usually unique like a venue seat number) and then canceling the event. In this case I would agree that people should expect refund policies built into smart contracts for stuff like tickets.

  41. If that's what you mean, then close to 100% of NFT projects have a "use case". The most common ones, are gamefi assets (the NFTs is how the team will raise the money to build the game), and social clubs that provide a service (Most commonly, holders will be entitled to whitelists for other NFT projects. Some help you to win gas wars. Others share alpha, or are essentially investments funds.).

  42. Can you give an example of a collection that would work like this? I'm struggling to think of any examples that would work like this?

  43. Work like what? Promised utility, then never actually delivered any?

  44. it used to be you could reason with most people, or at least have reasoned disagreements and remain civil

  45. >hopefully we can stop demonizing and start respecting those on the other side of the aisle, despite our differences.

  46. The victims of Onlyfans are the men who blow large sums of money on it, not the egirls making obscene sums of money.

  47. Guys, we are spammed nonstop with hot takes about Onlyfans. Being offended by Onlyfans is far from an unpopular opinion. "Hurr durr, onlyfans is prostitution" is reposted several times an hour. Onlyfans on Reddit offends you or ruining your Reddit porn experience is not unpopular. You saying you won't date a model who doesn't know you exist is also a nonstop repost and power fantasy. It's easy to turn down an offer no one made. Stop spamming us with Onlyfans complaints. No exceptions. Sex work is bad has been popular since before Jesus was born.

  48. You, and by extension, the mods here who programmed you, are retarded. I'm not even talking about any of the things you stated here.

  49. I oppose onlyfans, but not because it exploits women. I oppose it, because it exploits vulnerable simps. These women are making bank. They're not being forced to do what they do, they are not in trouble, and they don't need anyone to come save them or help them.

  50. Women have been selling their bodies since the beginning of time. At least now they cut out the middle man.

  51. I know right? These rich kids are so out of touch with society, it immediately shows, even through the abyss of the internet. My god, i wish i was so rich that i could scoff at the prospect of earning 4x my wage, even for just a couple months.

  52. The logical extension of your argument is that if Bitcoiners can also implement all the features of ETH in a layered manner, there's no reason for ETH to exist.

  53. That's exactly the problem. Bitcoiners don't want to do that. They do not want smart contracts. Bitcoin is a commodity like gold. You're meant to use it as if it was gold. That's it.

  54. People live in NY because they have jobs they couldn't have elsewhere, or family. You could easily avoid ETH though

  55. You could, except the best (read: highest tvl) defi apps still launch on ETH mainnet, where aaalllll the liquidity is. This is like you moving out of NYC and settling for a job that pays much less, to avoid NYC cost of living. I'm not saying it doesn't make sense. But you're definitely giving up a lot by doing so.

  56. So you could say… that fee you pay covers for functionality you’d otherwise not get and legal certainty that the payment processor now needs to figure out that your transfer is done on time (which is, depending on what country you are in, a guaranteed service against which you can sue a hefty amount of it doesn’t arrive on time).

  57. Nope. The only thing traditional payment providers give, that crypto does not, is the ability to have merchant initiated payments. This function is really only needed by subscription based businesses.

  58. The last statement… eh. Yes, that is less likely however, scammer will find a way if most governments proceed as it currently seems to be planned, to not allow anonymous wallets. Identity fraud then also works on those wallets and there will be some form of this. Plus a whole new class of problems - I read a few weeks back a nice POC where a guy minted an NFT on OpenSea and managed to change the content after selling it. His point was that this is still all centralised but also that it is absolutely not static what you’re buying - that is RIPE for fraud. Something which you wouldn’t have in a classical contract.

  59. Regarding chargeback scammers... it's not identity fraud. As stated, i run a telco company. SIM cards are highly controlled items here. We are required to sight a physical copy of the identity card, in person, in the hands of the identity card owner, before we hand it over. Sometimes, we'd even have call recordings from the customer, where they outright admitted that they made that 5hr call halfway across the globe, but think they shouldn't be charged for it anyway and want a full refund ( Were you born yesterday? Who the hell doesn't know international calls cost extra?! And how is your stupidity my fault? The telco in whichever country you called is still going to bill me for their leg of the call, and i have to pay for your ignorance?). Yes, the bank will side with them even if we provide the bank that call recording. Only Amex, bless their hearts, would side with the merchant.

  60. Wait, you mean this is false? I always thought this was true. Something about the difference between a Saturday Night Special 0.38 calibur, and a 5.56mm assault rifle.

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