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  1. Better than any cake I have ever made and I’ll be thirty this year. Wow. Amazing!!

  2. It sucks that fried food has twice the calories. So just buying a large pack of breasts would fill you up just as much but put half the weight and a lot less fat on your body.

  3. Sorry, I missed the part where anyone asked for this?

  4. My mom used to brown zucchini slices in a pan and we’d top with Parmesan, both fresh grated or green shake top. It was always the best part of any dinner.

  5. I do something similar to this, but first I put it in a bowl with salt and pepper, Parmesan, olive oil, a healthy tablespoon of balsamic and chili flakes. The I bake it until the cheese gets a nice crust

  6. Oh wow, that sounds like a great way to elevate on my nostalgic favorite. Thanks!!

  7. Too much on the sando and it gets sloppy. If you do use chili, maybe use it as a dip.

  8. Came here for the same. This is a chili dip sandwich.

  9. I’m making popcorn. Anyone want some popcorn?

  10. Honey mustard chicken thighs, honey mustard salmon over greens, grilled chicken salad with honey mustard vinaigrette

  11. Another commenter also suggested a pinch of yum recipe, this recipe is amazing as well!

  12. Some kind of taco scenario, use the ground beef as meat and roast broc/cauli in heavy spices to go with. Serve on tortillas with (pickled, fried, or fresh) onion + corn charred in a skillet. Make a salsita from diced tomatoes, the rest of the onion, garlic, spices to go on top of it all

  13. Nothing solved except potentially murderers getting off the hook for killing someone's children....everyone's cool with it until you are the grieving parent that police say they found the killer but he has immunity because he turned in a gun willingly, murder and violent crime get out of jail free

  14. Where are you getting that turning in a gun would be enough to dismiss a murder conviction? Please stop whataboutism-ing

  15. These deserve more attention. Absolutely gorgeous!!

  16. Rajas con crema for the win!! Under appreciated budget food.

  17. On my last post I realized I rely A LOT on beans to make a balanced meal. And I mean, no harm in that, we love beans over here, but having some variation is nice.

  18. Nothing wrong with relying on rice too! But try swapping for other grains/grain ideas: quinoa, bulgar, tabbouleh.. maybe spiralized veggies. I noticed you like pinch of yum, she’s got a lot of good help in this category.

  19. I make a dinner for Harry’s birthday every year. Might add these to the rotation. I know you said you wouldn’t do this again, but if you did, what would you change?

  20. Oh I wonder if the color of the tortillas to start was quite different. I'm lucky to have raw, ready to cook corn tortillas from my local store because making tortillas from scratch was going to be too much to juggle when I made birria. Would be worth it next time, I think.

  21. Definitely worth it for birria!! You’ll love the result.

  22. Boar’s head has a chorizo Serrano, yes

  23. That's awesome. I will invent a new sandwich. Turkey and chorizo slices with jalapeno cream cheese melt.

  24. Oh, you’ve got to try a pambazo. Mexican chorizo, potatoes, guajillo sauce, with lettuce cream and cheese.

  25. Unhealthy as fuck too, forgot to mention that

  26. If you’re in this sub, chances are you’re looking for any food. Sometimes necessity defines the menu. Full bellies are better than empty.

  27. Love this! You nailed it, looks so good.

  28. Scrape off any black sugary parts, then shred and use with barbecue sauce on a sandwich with pickles, slaw, brioche buns. Lots of moisture and flavor is needed here.

  29. Friend, I know I’m 4 days late to this post, but if she tried the spice mix directly, that’s why she couldn’t handle it. Spices aren’t really supposed to be consumed like that. Along with what others have suggested, have her try the chicken with the spices added after. The ranch she adds will dull the small pinch of paprika anyways.

  30. Slice it up on the diagonal. Crisp in a pan with oil of choice. Squeeze an entire lemon over the top. Fry up two eggs. Season everything, serve over white rice.

  31. I love corn in my salsa, this sounds amazing!

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