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  1. Nope, you don't know if there is consent involved. Most likely there is.

  2. Where do you live, downtown Camden? He can't go on a date without carrying a gun because he'll be unmanned by uncontrollable terror? How does he get out of bed in the morning?

  3. I think the context of what specific city this is occurring in could drastically change these comments. I’m in Detroit, concealed carrying is incredibly more common here than people realize.

  4. I don't think it is normal in the US either, even among NRA nuts. Maybe very high crime areas or as a woman, but not in this case. To me this is a clearly mentally ill dude, I don't understand a country that happily gives guns to these kinds of people.

  5. I’m a petite woman who lives in Detroit. Incredibly high violent crime rate, incredibly bad police force. About half of my girlfriends, myself included, are typically carrying and we’re all far left politically. I wish I didn’t need to but it would be stupid not to.

  6. Gen z here. I’d definitely be shitting myself if I called in sick once lol, you seem to have got an unfortunate group.

  7. I’m ‘98 and I’ve worked 2(sometimes 3) jobs since the day I turned 18, even while I was in college. who are they working with lol

  8. I’m born in 2000 where do I stand in terms of generations? I realllllly do not wanna be gen z. Also, not so sure I wanna be a millennial

  9. It switches in 1995. You’re not even really considered a cusper tbh. You’re full on Gen Z.

  10. If you are child free free and choose to marry someone with a child, you are cruel and sick. People like you make me wish hell is real because holy f**k do you deserve to burn

  11. Most of you have suggested the Midwest, specifically Michigan, so it looks like I'll be visiting there in the near future. Thanks for the feedback, friends

  12. Detroit is honestly an area to check out. There’s not many cities that are so clearly trending upwards. COL is incredibly low. Only major downside is that you need a car here

  13. I've really only been following this sub for a short time. Is it normal to dig up two posts that are two different sides to a story like this? It seems like I saw it happen once a while ago. With a man child getting dumped in a relationship, and the guys SO's daughter found the post and totally tore into him. Seems like since then, I see it happen more and more on here. At first, the ones I was reading seemed believeable, but as it keeps happening, its getting harder for me to believe. I really like reading the bulk of what I read in this sub, but I feel like this recurring trend is just a little farfetched.

  14. I personally do think there’s a good chance that the 4 posts from the one girl’s side are real, I definitely know people who are honestly just like this. I think the post from Ivy’s perspective is likely fake seeing as it contains no new information and they seemingly deleted their account when people asked if it was related to these posts

  15. Yeah a lot of commentators are saying it’s clearly fake (which I personally do think the post from Ivy’s perspective is since it contains absolutely no new information) but I do know people like this and feel like Brexit proves just how anti-immigrant and xenophobic many people in the UK are

  16. I have never met an American who carries a weapon while cycling, or at all, unless you count a knife which I don’t because they aren’t carrying it for self defense but just for things you need a knife for

  17. Seeing a lot of comments that in red states people are often armed. I’m in Detroit (very blue) and a hell of a lot of people are packing heat here

  18. TIL most people don’t carry weapons when biking. I’m a small, young woman that bikes home from work often in the middle of the night in Detroit. You bet your ass I’m armed

  19. I lived downtown from 2016-2020, and live near downtown now. I drive from Rivertown to Midtown every day using surface streets (I specifically avoid freeways), and I can count on one hand in the past six months how many times I've seen this.

  20. I think it depends what time you drive. I’m a bartender and typically get off work a little past 2 am. I see this most days. Cops do it all the time too.

  21. I'll share the divergent opinion... Op, where are you living? I see the occasional vehicle running a red light, but it's certainly not on a daily basis, and I've not been honked at once in 5 years of living her for waiting for the light to turn green.

  22. Okay I know you’re a guy but loose powder (makeup) and setting spray both help absorb sweat. Coty airspun is on Amazon and only $6, they do have a translucent option. Of all the setting sprays I’ve tried, urban decay all-nighter absorbs sweat the best.

  23. You’re kinda gross for seeming to view this person as an object instead of ya know an actual human being

  24. NAH. There are no good solutions to this one. No matter what you do, someone’s going to be irritated about it.

  25. In another comment OP said “you’d be walking around with a ring around your eye if you flexes on me” so I think it’s wrong to say NAH about a guy that we can assume hits his kids.

  26. I just googled it, and here's the thing... He was being pulled over for a "routine traffic stop" (now sure you can question whether that was true or not because you guys say race bias, so ok let's assume that was the case), then why did he run away? He wasn't doing anything wrong was he? He just had to comply and if worst came to shove and they arrested him unjustly, he has no evidence against him for doing anything wrong right? He'd have to be let go and he can sue if he wants, or whatever action he wants against those who falsely arrested him. No one runs if they didn't do anything. Yes, there are times when someone dies unjustly anyways, and that's tragic and people should be held accountable, but those are rare and the media will always show those extreme examples and use them as if they are the common practice...

  27. So you’d say this isn’t one of those unjust tragedies? Please refer me to where in US criminal law the penalty for running from the police is 60 shots. In my state, under MMVC 257.602a, the penalty for fleeing and eluding a traffic stop is 2 years and a $500 fine. Funny there’s no mention of 60 gunshots in that penal code. Please send me the information for where you found that is the just reaction of the police!

  28. No of course it's not. just like I said, those accountable should face the appropriate punishment for that, and yes, mistakes are made more often than we'd like. But the original response to this post is if the person is TA for calling the police and I said there is no harm in least statistically speaking... No they aren't an AH, they even said in their edit that the person had felonies (one being intent to distribute) so if they seem to be doing it again and OP feels in danger, then they should call, simple as that.

  29. My point is statistically speaking there IS harm in calling the police in the United States, esp as it relates to drug offenses

  30. Our country needs a hard reset…

  31. I’m not normally one to ever defend big auto, but this did happen in 2009 during the midst of a terrible recession which I think does greatly change the context of this

  32. YTA Your story sounds very doubtful in the first place and your comments cemented that to me. You claim you don’t believe it was an heirloom but you also admit it was in their family for over 100 years. You weren’t married. You have no legal proof of ownership. Her family should take you to court over this.

  33. Legally, if she gave you the necklace; it's yours & her family should respect her final wishes. I feel bad for them & their loss, but she wanted you to have it, so you have both law & custom on your side.

  34. He has no proof it was legally given to him. It’s purely his word. Inheritance laws are tricky and vary by state. Given that they weren’t legally married, in my state this wouldn’t hold up in a court of law when he has zero proof it was given to him.

  35. Part of the issue is that the entire street is currently ripped up and under construction. Source: I live a block over and hear it every single day

  36. Detroit taxes are fucking up nice projects and keeping people from moving in. This is bad in the long run for the economy.

  37. Yes but when the city sells him the site for a single dollar, does he really need another break? Because that was a bigger break than most people ever get in their lives

  38. "Dan Gilbert bad!" is a very popular thought-terminating cliché among the Detroit intelligentsia.

  39. Maybe because he is bad? Have you seen the pictures of his intern classes? Blackest city in America but for some reason there’s no black faces

  40. There was a guy attempting to kidnap and sexually assault women out of it but the cops actually managed to catch him last month. It was surprisingly barely covered in the news

  41. I’ve used MRE before and they were great, got me a good deal on a non renovated unit in what’s normally a very expensive building that had really good security and maintenance staff. Seconding what someone else said that no matter what, do not move into a building owned by Golden Management. Those places are shitholes that should be condemned.

  42. I’ve been in multiple active shooter situations working in bars/restaurants downtown. So yes, in Detroit working in restaurants can be a dangerous job

  43. I know this is unrelated but Sunn Anderson is the artist that normally hangs out around Greektown, if you like papa you should def give Sunn a follow on Instagram! He’s the nicest guy

  44. ESH, your brother least of all. Sure he sounds spoiled and crossed a line threatening to call CPS but it was totally reasonable for him to want payment for watching a young child. Your mother’s solution to this is incredibly cruel and will just push him further away. To me, she sounds downright evil and I hope he can get away from all of you.

  45. INFO? How old were you and your fiancé when you began dating? When he’s that young and you have an age gap, I think it’s contextually important to why the sister might have an issue with you. Is this part of the problem?

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