1. I guess they think it's a legit request

  2. If mining is so fabulously profitable it could even rescue dead company with billions in debt why didn't they just focus on mining and never touched the radioactive crypto lending garbage in the first place?

  3. It's not profitable. They are sinking $20 million a month of customer money into the business. they expect to use mined btc to sell for capex

  4. I'm sure he is pretty clear on how it operates!

  5. Imagine a crypto conference where people aren't just there to shill their own bored apes, magic beans and 20% yields?

  6. Gosh, I wasn't expecting anything to go wrong there

  7. I was thinking the same thing tonight. What am I going to do after this? All the friends I've made. All the comedy gold I've enjoyed. I'll be lost for a while. It's not going to be easy.

  8. I keep forgetting about the Mt. Gox thing. They must be pissed that it's taking so long.

  9. I bet. They missed the entire run up to $69K; now they're helplessly watching everything collapse

  10. Our early history chapter is now three parts. It keeps getting longer. We couldn't find much interesting on SoG, so if anyone can share any useful tidbits, please do!

  11. I wonder if they believe their own nonsense or they're just incredibly deeply cynical. Probably the latter.

  12. I am pretty sure they don't believe it, but the money is nice.

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