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  1. I am going to go out on a limb and propose that the civic workers who did get the vaccines are pretty fed up with the overly entitled anti-vax freedumbers, and are quite happy to see them gone.

  2. The legality or illegality of dismissal has nothing to do with

  3. The cap rate of the house I'm living in in Vancouver is 2% not including any expenses like property tax etc. What a horrible fucking investment.

  4. They were dumb decided to take on ton of debt during Covid as part of QE and refused to back down from QE even though inflation was going up. Finally decided to hike the rates because of US.

  5. I mean... plan B would be to get a box of nails and a hatchet and go build yourself your own dwelling in some untracked, unmapped bush in the Canadian wilderness....

  6. Affordable housing = GDP goes down = bad for our geniuses.

  7. LOL yes when 80% of HALF of your subjects under study already had antibodies of unknown effectiveness to the thing you are trying to prevent.. I would actually have ended the study right there.

  8. This study has a looooot of caveats. First of all, you cannot double blind N95 vs medical without some custom manufacturing probably, which it doesn't seem they did.

  9. Please for the love of god, don’t click that link…at least not on mobile. Nightmare of ads.

  10. This exactly what the Fed is trying to achieve to cool inflation down. Objectives of the Fed being met means less need for additional tightening / rate hikes.

  11. No offense, but while ONE fact* in isolation might be bullish for stocks, the underlying reasons for that fact in combination with the economic situation will likely NOT be.

  12. Added ATG exercises to my powerlifting with great success.

  13. "Our growth strategy for the past 20 year is asset bubbles. NOBODY could have seen this coming!"

  14. BoC aint the ones buying the assets. Its citizens being greedy

  15. So.. in your economic opinion, who is responsible for asset bubbles more:

  16. Do we? Let's see what the market decides. Nobody is stopping you from growing 50K of potatoes in $100M of RS-1 land ;)

  17. Black Friday offer is $75 for 30 GB freedom and 4GB nationwide/U.S. only new activations though

  18. If you think this is high for the dude who handled Enron, you're fucking retarded.

  19. Yep a smidge on right, and ok on the left. Sitting up and lifting toes (like in video)

  20. It could always be worse. You could be living in Vancouver or Toronto.

  21. So you're at about 400 calories per day deficit. That's fairly sustainable IMO and would not affect the healing process. What's your body fat % approx now?

  22. sorry, I should have added this to the first post but im in a 900calories deficit. I didnt start the deficit 8 months ago thats just wen i was dianosed with jumpers knee. I am around 15% body fat. I was already considering taking collagen, I just bought it. Thanks for the reply.

  23. Well, back off on that deficit when you get to 10%. Don't go much below that, more injury prone.

  24. If the other person is found 100% at fault their insurance will cover your car damages. However, why take the risk.

  25. 10x your income while only 2x your spending. Plus tax evasion. Realistically the only way to get ahead.

  26. When I got home from visiting my dying brother back in October I called my pharmacy and booked my flu shot. No trouble no drama they also gave me my 5th Covid shot.

  27. COVID for me was just a cold. Flu for me is in bed for a week with 39c fever.. So I actually want that flu shot.

  28. Wishy washy, correlation is pretty weak and of course establishes no causal link anyway.

  29. Why would two different vaccines having different rates of complications be hard to explain?

  30. because they're extremely similar? the LNPs are the same, the mRNA just encodes for a very slightly different spike protein

  31. I mean yeah the theory sounds great, like we don't even need to test safety. But at the end of the day, that's not science.

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