1. I never did, much of my life was lived on the flow, but now I fantasize about things, things I could do, the other day I imagined myself briefly being an old granny

  2. no of course not, tbh, idk how the feeling would be described, idk if it is a felling. when I "feel" female it rather feels like, I just feel like myself and I feel good

  3. Don't wanna break your hopes, but according to Yokoyama's interview, in Y8 Ichiban will be single protagonist with Kiryu as a major ally to him.

  4. My HRT would be covered but the waiting times is atrocious, so I'm settling for paying thousands for medicine, for now

  5. knowing that I am happier and eventually I will be able to like what I see in the mirror

  6. No I meant like T blockers. Also some people get on hrt at ~13 or 14.

  7. blockers, sure, as for HRT, low chance. since you speak of T-blockers I assume your parents would had backed you up on that?

  8. You are correct, my family supports me about my transition and were the ones who told me I should go on hormones asap

  9. Nice, can't go back to the past, I think you said you are 17 so it's still an incredible time to start. Gotta love your family for being supportive too

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