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  1. She is gorgeous, but all she does is put effort into her looks lol. This one is great, she doesn’t look like a cheap Kardashian for once.

  2. I haven’t gotten any results back yet, it was very recently, they did a few tests that night and it had nothing to do with my heart, so maybe my caffeine addiction just finally caught up to me… I have yet to find out ;-;

  3. I recently had to stop drinking caffeine because it gives me heart palpitations and those lead to panic attacks for me. Maybe you had a panic attack? They are really scary, hope you’re feeling better!

  4. god i hope that’s not what’s happening to me. my panic attacks have been getting way worse ever since starbucks. and my starbucks is like the best job i’ve worked at, so it might be the caffeine??

  5. You could always test it and see if cutting caffeine for a week or two helps. I LOVE coffee and still drink decaf sometimes, but my body just doesn’t do well with it unfortunately.

  6. I do this and add a little buffalo sauce to the cottage cheese, sooo good!

  7. I have gone through this struggle with my husband. He likes to do keto and eat heavy dinners. I like IF and prefer to skip dinners and just have a late breakfast and lunch. It was hard in the beginning, but we pretty much do our own thing when it comes to food, on the weekends we will have some meals together but literally never during the week, and it just is how it is. I don’t have a gallbladder and keto upsets my stomach, so we just aren’t compatible when it comes to the foods we like. But we both support each other and give each other the freedom to do what is good for our bodies. Your bf just has to learn to accept it, unfortunately. There’s no magic advice I can give you other than stick to what is right for your body, and he will just have to deal with it. He will get used to it and if it’s that big of a deal then that’s a red flag imo. No partner should be controlling of the foods you choose to eat.

  8. Don’t wanna bum anyone out, but I once looked into the waste cruise ships dump into the ocean. It’s literally why I won’t go on cruises anymore, it’s disgusting. Most yachties seem to care a little more about the ocean I think, but there have been times I’ve seen them dump things overboard on the show and wondered why not just toss it once you dock??

  9. I’m still mad about PBJ. Happy about banana cream pie though.

  10. Crumbl isn’t about gourmet cookies, they use hype cycle marketing to make crazy flavors that you can only get for a limited amount of time. It’s a FOMO style of marketing to mainly people with the munchies or those who can’t stand to miss out on something. It’s a genius idea, and it doesn’t really matter if they use boxed cake mix. People want to try that French toast cookie WHILE THEY CAN. The cookies are worth what people are willing to pay for a limited time cookie that they might not ever be able to get again. If you want high end quality gourmet cookies go somewhere else. If you want fun cookies you might only be able to try once, go to Crumbl.

  11. Companies will only able to sell what people will pay. If the product cost more than people would be willing to spend, Crumbl would go out of business.

  12. Yes exactly. People on here complain about the price but Crumbl still sells out of cookies, at least mine does every week.

  13. I was so excited until they took PBJ off the lineup.

  14. Honestly exact same cookies here. I was gonna get the PB+J, but looks like it's not gonna happen.

  15. I think I’m spoiled because I live within driving distance of a few Crumbls, I got PB ft Reese’s, churro, and waffle. I’d love to have had cornbread or PBJ, but overall I was really happy with the mystery cookies.

  16. I HATE Sundays, but around 7pm I always get a little excited when I remember there’s about to be new cookies announced. My husband thinks I’m crazy, but I really look forward to it.

  17. Oh yeah rather bake a bunch of them than go drive and pay $4.50 for one at Crumbl.

  18. Using that once in the morning during a cold will eliminate the need to blow your nose all day, swear by them.

  19. I get the NeilMed ones that are pre mixed in a canister and pressurized, it cleans my sinuses out like a charm.

  20. You all can downvote me but I feel most people here are constantly voting off the people that they believe violated a certain moral code. I didn’t realize we’re voting for who we think is the biggest angel. I want my favorite to win not the one who is the nicest. Yes of course we know some things are unforgivable but everybody here has made at least one bad mistake in their life so it’s strange that we’re picking these people apart. Rocky was the best television in my mind and I would’ve loved to see her win lol.

  21. I agree. Rocky is the winner in my mind, she was made for reality TV, and when I think of Below Deck, I think of her, Kate, and Cap Lee. They are the icons. Would any of us even watch if everyone behaved?

  22. Really? I love pumpkin but this cookie was boring to me.

  23. As someone who lives close to the Villages FL, yes. My grandmother lived there, and it’s a literal fuck fest. They are all attracted to each other.

  24. One of my stores (I live close to a few) has come through for me and has Peanut Butter ft. Reese’s. I’m so stoked. Gonna get a party pack to share with friends and freeze.

  25. They are both raw. I’m a weirdo and would still eat them because I love raw cookie dough 🤤 but they are not supposed to be like that. You could either air fry them or bake a little longer, or call the store to get your money back.

  26. I think it’s worth it, it’s very rich but one of my favs.

  27. Could it possibly have something to do with ingredients being more expensive? At my grocery store literally everything is more expensive, even butter costs more now than it did a year ago. I feel like some people think they are raising their prices arbitrarily but maybe there is a reason for it?

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