1. If it was in the Pacific, I think it was a

  2. Why exactly do you think that if bankruptcy was going to be declared it would already have happened? Many, many businesses slip slowly into bankruptcy while trying to fight it. What evidence do you have that if it was going to happen it would have by now?

  3. As someone who has ran many large businesses I will tell you exactly why. Because the cost of their operations are very low and they essentially paused all operations anyways so they are not bleeding capital. So basically at this rate with funds locked they can keep Celsius hypothetically going for many years unless the price of crypto coins gets below the margin calls they have. all this makes sense to you?

  4. Ok makes sense. But do you think this turns into allowing withdrawals again or is this, as they say, rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic? I know none of us really know...

  5. I don’t believe it has Bluetooth so can’t connect to an iPhone. I think you can connect it to android devices with a cable, but depends on your handset.

  6. Some kind of insurance similar to FDIC would give me enough reassurance and confidence to stay. Otherwise, no more cefi for me ever again.

  7. So basically what you’re asking for is the same insurance is a bank. See you want some thing as secure as a bank with profits as great as Crypto. Sorry but that’s not how business works

  8. Ok, so you’re saying they used our withdrawal liquidity to pay down their bitcoin liquidation price, and some other things. Otherwise the company would have been in more trouble. Fantastic, why are they the only company to completely freeze withdrawals at the moment? How come other companies could pause and then reopen so quickly, or have restricted withdrawals rather than a complete freeze with almost zero communication with the community?

  9. No that is not what whole independent is saying at all. I’m not sure you understand how crypto liquidity markets work. They had to put up more crypto in the price of bitcoin fell or else they would’ve lost the crypto they had put up therefore they put up more crypto in order to bring the margin call price range down. This saves everybody’s crypto. The leaders of that company obviously know more about this stuff than we do so we have two options right now keep the faith and hope it works out and trust the people who run the company that you trusted when you gave them your money or completely freak out stress out and blame everybody but yourself. Those your two choices

  10. This is the perfect example why they can't release funds. Because ignorant selfish angry people like you would collectively eliminate liquidity and therefore lose everyone else's money. Grow up.

  11. I should note that I have been podcasting for several years have approximately 100 episodes and travel all over the world.

  12. I just rock a preamp and two sm58 mics. With that and a laptop you're good to go. There's no need to pack a bunch of extras like mic stands and blah blah blah. Just took the preamp into your laptop hook the microphones into your preamp and you're good to go.

  13. First of all, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL? Wall street is EXACTLY the type of people that hate crypto. Jeez... Obvious FUD

  14. please take some English classes before insulting others. We all have our strengths and weaknesses.

  15. Do you really want me to check? I've got the video. I can check if you want. But why?

  16. Honestly, I'm just curious. It's a weird thing to wear.

  17. Looks like a human, but in this day and age could be anything

  18. You're still not on the right sub and it will likely get removed from here too. Try

  19. Since we're on the subject do you have any what kind of animal it is?

  20. In what place on this planet are you getting 3 properties for 300k, with 3.5% down and only $700 per month?

  21. Yeah especially in this climate. The whole post sounds like b******* to be honest. 100K for a triple income property and only three and a half percent down? Doesn't even kind of make sense

  22. Why do you say "BlockFi is probably next"? Also, what about

  23. No, do not do that. Keep the app, keep your account, keep the. faith.

  24. The weak will perish in this crypto winter...

  25. Well they got way too many staff to pay for the products they offer.

  26. this was a jewel of a comment at the time. Seriously prophetic.

  27. I don't think that is a joke. OP wanted to hear a joke. Lets hear something funny?

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