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  1. Great idea! Could you show us how a skateboard would look like? 😍 How to create it? 🤔

  2. All images were done by AI and edited / manipulated by me in Photoshop

  3. Thank you so much for the support! I really appreciate it :)

  4. I just picked up one too. They’re really stunning.

  5. Do you have a Twitter discord or website at the moment?

  6. You’re so nice!! Thank you for the kind words!

  7. Um, IsoRooms did not steal any work from anyone bud, everything was made by hand

  8. Is this an actual good book? I've been wanting to read it, but not sure. Would you recommend it?

  9. So excited for this and can’t wait to be there! Thank you for the invitation and opportunity to be there with amazing creators and an amazing community! ❤️

  10. Daz has always been an unintuitive nightmare and is horrifically outdated and sluggish. I really want a complete modern overhaul..

  11. If you used the DIM, verify the file paths in the settings. Then navigate to where your Daz3D Library to see if it’s there. You may also want to rebuild the database by right clicking the smart library tab and try to reimport the data. Might take a bit to complete.

  12. I was able to get them to show now by going into my library>products>G>Genesis 8> “installing again” for some reason

  13. If ASUS told you warranty starts at date of production, that is a lie.

  14. They have in writing that the warranty is 36months from the date of purchase, not production. Keep on them, they are just stalling.

  15. I asked for a copy of their contract too, but they kept saying they couldn’t share that with me. I kept insisting and one told me the manager approved to send me one to my email

  16. What if we only have 2? I haven’t been able to get #1 since they came out Dx

  17. I can vouch for this. We submitted our application 3 times before acceptance. I think you just have to hit them at the right time.

  18. I've been wondering the same thing, even messaged mods with no reply yet :/

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