1. Hello! Did these come with all the accessories or just the shoes? (extra laces, that little bag, pendants)

  2. No bro they didn’t. I got 7up’s batch instead cause that one had

  3. I have both and the Rogue wins. The only thing the Mighty+ has going for it is the stock cooling, and that can be fixed by adding 6mm glass balls to the Rogue.

  4. Rehaut and cyclops are a big difference when compared. Left is gen

  5. What’s up fellas. I’m debating wether to keep these or get rid of them. They’re all size 45 but they aren’t really my style

  6. What’s up fellas. I’m not gonna ship these, they’re all size 45. If anyone is interested in me transferring them, send me a DM. I’m looking for ¥120 each. Please only sugargoo users, transferring to another warehouse is tricky and expensive.

  7. Hahaha I appreciate the financial recommendation, but I do have the 300! Returning it is mostly based on the fact that maybe it’s not a good vape in comparison to others

  8. I don’t know why the dude would assume you can’t afford it. Not wanting to waste $200 on a device you won’t use doesn’t mean you won’t be able to afford a $300 dollar device.

  9. What makes the mighty the best one bro? Does it create more vapor? Use less weed? Gets you higher?

  10. I'd go for the 2. FYI you can get the 1 on Amazon for much cheaper.

  11. What’s up fellas. I have acquired a pax 3 but I’m a mad noob and need some answers.

  12. there’s no good enough batch of these that look accurate in terms of cut and color, but ik an instagram seller that does these (and bapestas) - i’m sure a reverse image search on tao might do the trick if you’re not up for that

  13. Can you share the name of the seller? I would do the reverse search but idk how hahaha

  14. Wasnt there a time where WTG was super shit any nobody wanted to buy from him? what changed

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