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  1. What can I say, they woke up and chose violence.

  2. I feel like Mudsdale is one of the very few mons that can sweep the champion. The only other mon I have swept the champion with was Mega Charizard X, although I pretty much had to cheat in order to pull off the sweep.

  3. Ironically, today has been the nicest weather on campus the entire year. Around 75° and hardly any wind. I'd honestly be suprised if there even was 1 branch that fell off a tree.

  4. I am currently doing a modded run rn, and I have a few suggestions

  5. Some, i'd even go as far as to say most class mods are quite OP so personally i always check user comments before i install them. I recommend Marvin Seo's classes for really high quality. :)

  6. Yes, this is really important to do. I personally just installed a ton of random class mods. Marvin Seo's were easily the best ones I installed (Although some of Marvin's classes are very strong, like the thrall).

  7. it's all good, no biggie. Just felt like a really random ricochet because i probably did have a drunk post last season where i stated as such. Felt like you were refuting that Boston gets more articles/air time than Clark.

  8. One or two posts I can look past, bit I think we both know how many drunk posts Blue has made last year. What might surprise you is that I know what his youtube username is (It's his IRL name), and I see a comment made by him in almost every single Iowa WBB video I've watched.

  9. ok, wow, i apologize. I was really off. I thought you were talking about me because i occasionally drunk post and i am also known to ruffle feathers with the same select few (UConn primarily) fans. I genuinely don't recall any BlueMagic posts off of the top of my head but that's probably is because I don't see a team flair next to their name. I remember people on this board primarily by their flair, since most big fan bases only have between 2-6 fans rocking their flair on here. I just remember flairs and then a few letters that start their name. I don't know if i've ever interacted with BlueStone directly, but then again all of the unflaired i've interacted with i usually forget about pretty quickly.

  10. Ya, I just know Blue because I know all of the active Iowa fans here. I've come to expect a reply by another Iowa fan to any of my comments because he seems to always replys to me.

  11. Ya, I was in the same boat as you. I didn't squadwipe once during my entire first run. Run 2 I bumped it up to darkest difficulty, and installed a ton of mods. I was on the final stages of my early game warrens run, so all of my heros were really stressed and hurt. I was on the final hallway when I ran into a curio I didn't recognize, since it was modded in called a "Mass Grave". I thought "oh that seems like something you would use a shovel for". Well using a shovel triggered a "Banshee" boss fight, that completely steamrolled me. It is honestly one of the coolest boss fight I have ever seen in this game, but it still hurts squadwiping to it.

  12. I dunno why, but I personally can't stand the 4th wall breaks, so I've stopped watching it.

  13. Either u hate 4th wall breaks in general or because its usually to say things to the audience noone cares about. Like this comment.

  14. Bro chill, OP asked for my midseason thoughts, so I told them my midseason thoughts. It's that simple and I am not trying to do anything wierd like you think I am.

  15. There are 2 ways I have actually figured out how to watch for free.

  16. If you’re surprised, the reason being is: Champions Club

  17. Also due to it being Family Day on campus. A ton of people will be on campus, so why wouldn't they come to the game.

  18. Saquon Barkley vs Iowa in 2017 (I think) -- 211 yards rushing, 94 yards receiving, he hurdled one would be tackler, stopped on a dime to make another miss, and was

  19. Unfortunatly Saquon wasn't the most impressive preformance by a RB against Iowa.

  20. FSU QB JT13 has almost as many passing yards, as Iowa has total yards.

  21. I don't know if I should be happy or sad about this fact.

  22. I feel like Mudsdale getting Slack Off doesn't get enough love for how good it is. It actually straight up hard counters every single physical attacker if you play it right.

  23. Oh, I thought about charizard, but it' wouldn't have the flying type 'till evolving, so I'd feel like cheating knowing Rowlet is already flying.

  24. Ya the way I do that is that I can't use it in battle until it evolves. It just sits in the box until it can be used kinda like what I assumed you were doing with your surskit.

  25. Yep, Surskit and nincada are going to wait for a while, unlike my round baby

  26. If you care, My E4 team was Hawlucha, Talonflame, Zapdos, Corviknight, Mega Salamence, and Gliscor.

  27. So what you're saying is that Texas A&M is the SEC version of Iowa right?

  28. Bro I stacked Tua, Hill and Waddle in 1 league, and Tua and Waddle in another.

  29. Is there anywhere else to watch besides BTN, moms house doesn’t have it and I can’t seem to find radio on my phone for the life of me

  30. I've been watching it on the Fox Sports App, which has a pretty major exploit to get free TV essentially.

  31. Hey, 2ND worst offense known to man

  32. You guys put up 41 on an FCS team. We got 7 without a TD against another FCS team.

  33. I mean the guy will give you a random egg between one of the 7, so you just got to keep hatching until you get charmander.

  34. You could do a sun or sand team with that For sun could have a torkoal, ninetales or mega charizard X for drought along with chlorophyll Mons such as sunflora (grass fire in this game)

  35. BTW, Zard Y has drought and is a special attacker, while Zard X has Tough Claws and is Physical.

  36. Honestly, less ethical solution here, but there always seems to be some youtube channel "livestreaming" the broadcast, and you can just watch the game off their channel, and see if they get copyrighted mid-game.

  37. You can complete a monofire run just because of that Sunflora. Without it it’s impossible to beat Misty I think

  38. I think I saw someone start with Blaziken, and used Tpunch to some effectivity. I think they bred a couple of them to beat monofire Misty without Sunflora. I could be mistaken tho.

  39. Can you even get blaziken before misty? Level cap is 27

  40. No, they used combusken to do this. I just happen to generalize all starters by their final evolution.

  41. So I'm playing radical red on a cartridge so things go alot slower for me. But the silph fight is brutal and now that I know there's another. I'm dreading it..

  42. Since you are dreading the last Archer and Ariana fight imma tell you to grab an expert belt Libero Cinderace. Cinderace outspeeds and Ohko's everything except Ariana'a Honchkrow between Gunk Shot, Pyro Ball, and High Jump Kick. You will also need U-turn to break Mamo's sash, and Mimikyu's disguise.

  43. What mons would you personally recommend for the tag silph fight? Someone recommended HA empoleon and you with cinderace, any other tips?

  44. Honestly, I don't remember how I beat the Silph Tag Battle on my Mono-Fire run.

  45. You don't have to advertise this game inside of this sub. Pretty much everyone here already likes the game.

  46. Mudsdale is hilarously overpowered since it recieved slack off. If I remember right, Mudsdale can sweep the champion if you switch it in on a triple axel.

  47. Oh I play on Min. Grinding, so IDK about ev spreads, but that seems right. Might want a bit oh Sp. Def investment, but IDK.

  48. Aint no way you reset may, misty AND erikas fights to shiny hunt their gift mons...

  49. Looks like we'll have to wait till the basketball season to watch a competent offense.

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