1. I feel like people are overreacting. No content today requires the featured unit at 3/5 to be completed. In fact, no content absolutely requires the featured unit. Even the toughest extreme battles are doable without them. There are ftp solutions to almost everything, and a wide pool of units has proven time and time again to be more valuable than any single unit fully maxed.

  2. especially since they released units like red's Pikachu, that is op at 1/5.

  3. Not only that, every master fair is great at 1/5. I have only candied master fairs when they were favorites, everybody else I kept at 1/5, and they are all amazing. Do they get even better at 3/5? Of course, but 1/5 is enough to do their job.

  4. I think it's far more likely that he gets dynamax as a free upgrade, and then gets sync tiles that boost his dynamax moves. I doubt the max moves themselves will be locked at these tiles.

  5. Since this game has no pvp, is the gap between f2p and p2w players ever a problem? Not like I don’t think the update is unreasonable tho

  6. Completely agree with you. As long as 5/5 is not needed to complete content, I'm fine with it. Hell we still don't have any content that can be considered behind a pay wall. Even the extreme battles are absolutely doable without the featured units. We have ftp strategies for basically everything and everybody who has been playing long enough has a diverse enough roster to get any content done, and all master pairs are amazing even at 1/5.

  7. I'm still pulling for Ash lol. I will unfortunately have to skip everything this month.

  8. I would love to get Iris and Naganadel, I've been craving poison types for very long. But I'm 310 scout points on Ash right now, so I definitely won't have enough to pity her after pitying him. I might try a yolo pull, but I'm not counting on it.

  9. I think the remaining Unova pairs to get a grid combined with Colress' model in the datamine pretty much confirm what's the next Villain Arc.

  10. I have 1 yellow, 3 striker, 3 support and 5 tech, so 12 in total.

  11. The only unit of mine that will ever benefit from these tiles is SS Leaf, because I got her to 3/5 on her debut, and another 2 dupes when she reran with Red and Blue (while trying for my second Red). So yeah, finally some use for that accidental 5/5 I guess.

  12. would be straight up weird too, every mon with a mega can mega evolve in master(just not sceptile)

  13. And Medicham, Abomasnow, and I think there are more that I'm forgetting.

  14. I consider my gem count to be negative. I'm about 3 multis away from pitying Ash. Hoping the gems for the first half of October are enough. I have enough paid gems to finish the pity, but I'd rather avoid using them.

  15. Hey if it helps you feel any better, you're not alone!

  16. Oh, I didn't know it pulls from paid gems on a free gem draw. Imo they shouldn't pull gems like that on either paid or free draws. I got this game four days ago so Ima noob

  17. It literally tells you so on the screen, right before you pull. Ffs do the bare minimum and read before complaining.

  18. Warning Gancho: The below paragraph(s) may contain major spoilers for all books in the Cosmere!

  19. Dammit. I wasnt a big fan of her on my first time reading, until the very end, when I realized she was indeed Honest. Then in my second read, I had completely different eyes, and liked her much more. After reading this, it takes her to a whole new level. I need to read this book again.

  20. That's what I really love about Warbreaker; Literally everyone is different from their first presentation. Some of them (like the princesses, and Lightsong) don't know it, but they too are different from what they believe they are.

  21. Dude. Even after reading it twice and rationally knowing all of this, I hadn't realized it happened to literally everyone. Hell, even the king seemed fair and just and then sent Siri away mostly because of favoritism towards Vivenna.

  22. Your move was so strong that it broke the screen. Charizard goes brrr

  23. An easy skip month so I can build back my hoard from this month.

  24. This, please. I just got Red this week and I'm still going for Ash. Pleas make the next month full of easy skips.

  25. I'm not sure any duplicates of trainers will be added at all. Like, I don't really see what the point of having, say, SS Cynthia be a different Lodge unit from base Cynthia is, considering they'd share the same topics of conversation. So I wouldn't expect the BP alts of characters to get a different interaction in the Lodge from a base form either.

  26. If I'm not mistaken, Blue wears the same outfit on Pidgeot, Arcanine and Exeggutor. So we do have a precedent, I guess.

  27. If I'm not mistaken, Blue uses the same outfit in three pairs: Pidgeot, Arcanine and Exeggutor. So no, I don't think that will be an issue with trainers that have BP units.

  28. Lugia 3/5 has multipliers for rain. Lyra's grassy terrain doesn't directly benefit Lugia, but it allows Lyra to use her three bar move (and all her disruptions) without consuming gauges, so it allows these bars to go to Lugia's 4 bar move.

  29. Little known fact, this is the primary reason he was chosen to finish The Wheel of Time.

  30. Seaine, Suana, Siuan, Sierin, Sheriam, Shemerin and Saerin Sedai approve this.

  31. The only two I got muddled on were Seaine and Saerin, since they were kind of in the same group, even though Seaine had solo scenes with Pevara. All the others had pretty distinct roles and personalities and I didn't have any trouble keeping them straight.

  32. You're right, of course! I just put them together like this for the joke.

  33. As someone who has always loved chemistry, those are literally points that would make me want to read it lol

  34. I haven't tried it with him alone, but maybe he can.

  35. What a journey, that ending though, Adolin killing Sadeas, Dalinar and Renarin getting their spren, Kaldin leaving to save his parents and Shallan my gawd Shaland, I hope she doesn't go bad, this whole Ghostblood business is freaking me out. But sadly I think I should take a brea5from the stormlight archives, I don't want the series to burn me off. So I'll ask you kind reddit what should I read next, for reference I already went through the first three mistborn and obviously the first two stormlight, should I go back to mistborn or start Elantris?

  36. He's a striker, I don't think he was ever meant to be used as a tank.

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