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  1. People need to stop with the ridiculous takes on this. These were two seriously broken people that came together to form a very toxic and unstable relationship. But the idea that Asia is THE cause or final reason Bourdain killed himself is a pretty ridiculous over simplification. It's like blaming the liquor store clerk for selling the last bottle of booze to an alcoholic that kills themselves in a DUI.

  2. It is absolutely not ridiculous. Please look into what happens to people trauma bonded to someone with NPD. Prof Sam Vaknin has many free lectures available online. Suicide is EXTREMELY common in victims.

  3. Wow she must have disabled her Twitter account. I can no longer find it.

  4. I super love her, but I really enjoy the content more when it's more unique. I loved when they bought the storage locker contents and went to the weird outlet stores and made jewelry. Mixing preexisting makeup is getting kinda boring. In case Saf reads this...I love your content girl! No shade.💜

  5. I've become much more extroverted and-- I would say impulsive? freewheeling?-- since the pandemic. Something about two years lost to lockdown, constant fear of mortality, etc. has me truly feeling YOLO spirit.

  6. There are supplements which may help you as well. Skullcap, valerian root, kava kava, kratom, magnesium...My heart is with you as I would be broken by that as well.

  7. Do you mean his conglamorative work "The Secret teachings of All Ages"? Or are you referring to an essay or article that is not a full book?

  8. Manly P Hall was the source for the Bacon connection. That’s where I first read it at least.

  9. Yes! Secret photo overlay of both faces!


  11. I wonder if by "living in constant uncertainty" he was referring to his relationship with AA? Obvs he had tremendous financial security, he could have retired at any time and lived completely as he pleased. I'm so curious as to what he meant.

  12. Be extremely careful that you don't bring bed bugs home! It's a huge problem in certain areas (of America).

  13. The Unthinkable: Who Survives When Disaster Strikes by Amanda Ripley had a whole section on why people will often stay during hurricanes. It was an extremely depressing section of the book. A lot of it just comes down to people overestimating themselves and underestimating storms.

  14. And some people literally can not afford to go (financially)...

  15. depends on the person I guess but I still recall the Qanoner woman who left her husband, children, and career to move to Dallas and await JFK to return. I think they ended up living in this weird Qanon commune and got pulled into that "drink bleach to cleanse your body!" scam. They fell pretty deep into it.

  16. “Didulo's public persona underwent a series of rapid changes since she started producing video interventions in 2020: leader of a non-registered political party (Canada1st), to head of state of a Canadian republic, to Queen of Canada with high-level extraterrestrial connections.”

  17. Which aliens?! Federation of Orion...maybe, but you just know the Pleadian's aren't having anything to do with that crazy shit. 😜

  18. Please recommend where to find the cool vibes ? So far the only enjoyable things for me are the awesome street basketball scene and great food which I really enjoy, but the negativity blurs it out.

  19. Does anyone else remember that Asia texted a super weird picture of herself in a black t-shirt with the neckline sliced open & some cryptic message to social media shortly after his death, and then she deleted it? What to make of that??

  20. I'm in a large metro area and priority orders are always singles here. Please don't hesitate to ask the shopper if they aren't also shopping for another customer. Shoppers should be letting you know anyway. Customers (good tipping)in my area pay the priority fee specifically to keep their 30-40 item orders single batches.

  21. Yes! This is exactly why I made this post! I was under the impression that paying for priority would guarantee my batch was shopped solo.

  22. Shoppers don't know who pays priority or not. Instacart does the bundling themselves. Majority of orders are double or triple shops and a lot are from 2 different stores lately.

  23. Would it be inappropriate to inform my shopper that I have tipped $25.00 and paid for priority? If the shopper isn't aware of my tip how can they give me great service? Obvs. someone who doesn't tip will not warrent the same effort? I tip very well for a reason!! Batching me with someone else's order just means errors frequently, unfortunately.

  24. Well, all of these men look very cuddle worthy to me!

  25. Y'all desperately need more Robert Anton Wilson in your lives, obvs.

  26. Oh yes. I agree with this. It's been years and I've been begging him to text me more or call me or show more affection and empathy but it's like pulling teeth.

  27. Unfortunately it seems he doesn't really have any actual affection for you. Imagine if you were really experiencing a life threatening illness...get out of this relationship now before something really bad actually happens. He will not have your back. You do not want to grow old with this person.

  28. Your mom needs to join a few local "meet-up" groups catered to her interests so she can develop a social life outside of family. I recently retired (F, 55) & I really didn't anticipate how isolating and lonely it can be. I've found myself having conversations with folks in the grocery store, too!

  29. I find soup very soothing. Everything from a light bisque (brothy) to potato corn chowder (very filling). Miso soup is easy, quick & mild.

  30. DXM is already a main ingredient in Trezix. (Prescription only in USA)

  31. I let a large area of my property grow up to help pollinators and now I'm afraid to go back there because it's a little jungle and copperheads are under the high grasses and I'm terrified of being bitten. I've gotten myself into a pickle!

  32. I second this, also the youtuber ContraPoints does some really good videos on gender that are educational and funny

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