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  1. Being asked for an exhorbitant amount of money as cover charge to basically stop you from going into a club

  2. I sympathise with your cause but perhaps this is better suited for

  3. Saw someone here called them sperm donor and incubator

  4. Dobry jest ten fragment z "Grupy te mogą być oparte na kolorze skóry, wyznaniu religijnym lub jego braku ...".

  5. Well this is not a cure , so may actually happen

  6. Propaganda in full effect. it's works both ways. in Russia you probably will see a lot of dead Ukrainian

  7. Yeah? Share us here a russian telegram channel with dead Ukrainians pls

  8. it's dumb to believe that Russian social media dont post dead Ukrainians. You think there are no casualties? and you think Russians won't post them on social media? and you also think that Russia won't use those footage for propaganda?

  9. What a real and not-staged incident that happened

  10. Boy it can get much worse (better?), mania, hallucinations (visual and aural), paranoia (my favourite), etc etc.

  11. Jumping to conclusions much? Aside from being too young he can have a disability, mental impairment, heck maybe he is the logistics/truck driver in active service (not combatant)

  12. It does. You cannot die by holding your breath.

  13. Tbh you sound like a horrible father. Do you realise why?

  14. He is coming for help for HIMSELF. why does not my daughter speak to ME. Classic narcissist parent trait, making it about themselves.not "is my daughter ok" or "how can i help my teenager daughter". Poor girl

  15. Too late. Slept with attractive guy and now he's beside me asking to go out with me again.

  16. In surf you get 2x the amount because of reflection from water. Also, the salt water washes off natural protective oils that your skin produces, leaving it even more vulnerable and dry

  17. I am diabetic and pizza can really fuck us up so that part she's not joking

  18. That's completely valid. I just cant understand why of all things she decided to have pizza the night before. Already knowing we would have that stuff. She easily could have waited to have it at my house. Bc she does that all the time, has cheat meals.

  19. Ah yeah, sorry I didn't quite understand. There was absolutely no reason to have pizza the day before, if she knew she'll be having pizza again. She knew very well what she was doing

  20. Context: In an annual science in Girona (Catalonia, Spain) fair they where performing a experiment (which apparently was performed many times before without problems) with nitrogen or something like that.

  21. Let's hope few people end up in jail over this. Poor kids

  22. The public Web page? Wow such an achievement on behalf of the Russian hackers

  23. Race is a social construct. In europe we do not ask for race. It would be the same as asking for skin colour. What's that good for? Sometimes you can get asked for 'ethnicity'. Still, it is different to religion.

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